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As the Sun climbs and declines above and below the equator during the course of one year it moves through 48 degrees of declination. It is these steps in the Sun's journey that form the basis of 'The Shamanic Journey of the Sun' - the results of a 12-month experiment using astrology and shamanism to honour the Sun's path and search for lost pieces of Planet Earth's soul.

The resultant set of 48 shamanic symbols (plus further degree images from beyond the ecliptic) are now available for contemplation.  These can be used as a personal focus for the Sun's energy within ourselves, or as a collective understanding of the changing Earth-Sun relationship at different stages of the year from equinox to equinox and solstice to solstice.

A brief explanation of how the VisionQuest started and the methods used. The Beginning by Lorraine



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1. May 12th to July 31st. For the Sun moving through declinations 19th - 24th degrees North.

2. August 1st to October 31st AND 12th February to 12th May.  For the Sun moving through declinations 18th -1st degree North and 1st -14th degree South

3. November 1st to February 11th. For the Sun moving through declinations 15th - 24th degrees South.

Note : Each degree is assigned a playing card correspondence.


These are degrees of declination that are "out of bounds".  On the globe of the Earth the Sun stands directly overhead at the equator and in an area that stretches 23 degrees 26 minutes (approximately) north and south of the equator.  These northern and southern boundaries - the 24th parallels - are also known as the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, as the Sun reaches them annually when it has entered zero degrees of these signs.  Extended into the celestial sphere it is within this 'tropical' band that the planets of the Solar System also move, although at times certain bodies will cross the boundaries by just a few degrees.  The Sun cannot cross the boundaries because it is the Sun that marks the boundaries, but the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto can cross these lines while Saturn and Neptune can not.  (Jupiter does but only slightly). As our life on Earth is determined by the Sun, the degrees that are "out of bounds" are by their nature wild, unrestrained and unpredictable.

As our playing card correspondences have dealt in whole degrees there is an area in the Jacks (of Diamonds and Clubs) - the 24th degrees North and South - that contains the Sun's highest and lowest declination and the beginning of the out-of-bounds placement. The next cards, the Queens and Kings (of Diamonds and Clubs), correspond to the 25th and 26th degrees and are entirely beyond the Sun's path:

The 'out of bounds' degrees have NO solar zodiac equivalents. Go on a journey BEYOND THE PORTALS OF THE SUN. (Declinations 25 to 31 degrees North/South).

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