By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman




August 1st to October 31st
12th February to 12th May

Sun moving through declinations 
18th - 1st degree North
and 1st -  14th degree South 

By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman 
Copyright 2001

Index to the journey for For August 1st to October 31st and 12th Ferbruary to 12th May:

18N  :  8th - 12th May & 1st - 5th August
17N  : 4th - 8th May & 5th - 8th August
16N  : 1st May - 4th May & 8th - 12th August
15N  : 28th April - 1st May & 12 - 15th August
14N :  25th - 28th April & 15th - 18th August
13N : 21st  - 24th April & 18th - 22nd August
12N : 19th  -  21st April & 22nd - 24th August
11N : 16th - 19th April & 25th - 27th August
10N : 13th - 16th April  & 27th - 30th August
9N : 10th - 13th April & 30th August - 2nd September
8N : 8th - 10th April & 2nd - 5th September
7N : 5th -  8th April & 5th - 7th September
6N :  2nd - 5th April & 7th - 10th September
5N :  31st March - 2nd April  & 10th - 13th September
4N : 28th - 31st March & 13th - 15th September
3N : 26th - 28th March & 15th - 18th September

2N : 23rd -26th  March & 18th - 20th September
1N : 20th - 23rd March & 21st - 23rd September
1S : 23rd  - 26th September & 17th - 20th March

2S : 26th  - 28th September & 15th -17th March
3S : 28th  - 1st October  & 12th -15th March
4S : 1st  - 3rd October & 10th -12th March
5S : 3rd - 6th October & 7th - 10th March
6S : 6th - 9th October & 4th - 7th March
7S : 9th  - 11th October & 2nd - 4th March
8S : 11th - 14th October &  28th  February - 2nd March
9S : 14th - 16th October & 26th - 28th February
10S : 16th - 19th October & 23rd - 26th February
11S : 19th - 22nd October & 20th - 23rd February
12S : 22nd - 24th October  & 17th - 20th February
13S : 24th - 28th October & 15th - 17th February
14 S : 28th - 31st October & 12th - 14th February

18 N                 5 of Diamonds    Equivalent to 17 17' Taurus - 20 56' Taurus & 9 04' Leo - 12 43' Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  8th - 12th May & 1st - 5th August

A helmeted man carrying a spear looks into the distance ahead of him where there is a mountain range.
He sits astride a resting horse.
Both himself and the horse are blinkered, they are focused solely on what lies ahead, and can see nothing else.

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17 N                4 of Diamonds    Equivalent to 13 51' Taurus - 17 16' Taurus& 12 44' Leo - 16 09' Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 4th - 8th May & 5th - 8th August

Immediately a rotating spiral appears.
As it moves upward I can see that it is containing a maze with an entrance at each of the four quarters or four directions from where energy is entering in.  It is a 3D maze which is continually moving and changing but always moving in a clockwise direction.
From here I can enter all worlds; all things are possible.
What is needed is the courage to find the way and not to be afraid.
To follow the pathway by using my heart not my mind.
My feet do not touch the floor; my body is projected.
I am being drawn through into a special space where I can see in any direction.  This is the centre of all Being.
I must not think of finding the way.  Immediately I do I will be lost forever.

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16 N              3 of Diamonds   Equivalent to 10 34' Taurus - 13 50' Taurus & 16 10' Leo - 19 26' Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 1st May - 4th May & 8th - 12th August

A white bowl floating on a still pond.
The bowl holds a candle with a flickering light.
Although it is night it is not dark, but the sky is lilac.
Silence and serenity all around.
Three bells sound in the distance.
A time for contemplation.

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15 N                2 of Diamonds   Equivalent to 7 26' Taurus - 10 33' Taurus & 19 27' Leo - 22 34' Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 28th April - 1st May & 12 - 15th August

A path leading to a fork in two different directions, but a realisation that on the return journey both paths can bring us to the same road.
There are many different ways to make the journey.
Do not stand still too long.

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14 N                 ACE of Diamonds   Equivalent to  4 25' Taurus  -  725' Taurus & 2235' Leo - 25 35' Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  25th - 28th April & 15th - 18th August

A stained-glass window full of coloured diamonds with light beaming through.
This light forms a prism which falls on an open book of ancient writings.
Within this handwritten book are great secrets - the pages are open and the writings are in a strange script.  We are honoured to see this.
Suddenly the room fills with a silent sound of great beauty - I suddenly realise that the deaf can hear many things if they hear with their awareness.

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13 N                  KING OF HEARTS   Equivalent to   130 Taurus -  424 Taurus & 2536 Leo  -  2830 Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 21st  - 24th April & 18th - 22nd August

There is a field, empty except for a lone plant bearing a small orange fruit.
It has waited hundreds of years to open and now is the time.It opens slowly, spreading out like a hand.
Inside are hundreds of tiny feathery seeds which it offers to the Directions, scattering them around the Universe.
We are helping to blow them and move them with each breath we take.
Below the earth are millions of seeds which become covered deeper and deeper with each passing century, layers and layers of life covering them.
They still contain their lifeforce and wait to spread their wings. But now they live in timeless space, living while worlds around them decay.
Whilst we are born and die, whilst we bury them deeper, forgetting what is beneath the path we walk.
When all is ripped apart, they will be born again and it will be our turn to wait.

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12 N                 QUEEN OF HEARTS   Equivalent to   2839 Aries  -  129 Taurus & 2831 Leo  -  121 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 19th  -  21st April & 22nd - 24th August

There is a blazing red sky like a fire raging.
A crystal pyramid appears, radiating light.
Then, out of the pyramid comes a crystal globe moving towards us, getting closer and closer, and larger and larger.
Both are radiating such strong light that it becomes unbearable.
As the globe gets closer, we see that inside there is a seed.
As this seed gets closer, we see that inside this seed there are millions more seeds which explode and are blown like feathers across the Universe.

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11 N                JACK OF HEARTS    Equivalent to   2552 Aries  -  2838 Aries & 122 Virgo  -  408 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  16th - 19th April & 25th - 27th August

A head of a Native American Indian appears, in the form of a drawing.
However it is not drawn on anything only floating in the air.
It then becomes surrounded by a swirling vortex, spinning faster and faster.
There is a smell of dust in the air. The surroundings then become clear. This is a barren desert.
The image of the Native American Indian points to a dark hole.
As we look into the hole we see a nest of snakes wriggling. Snakes which are covered with a green and yellow diamond pattern.
A mist of heat rises from the hole.
Everything else around is barren, empty, bleak.
This is all that is left of life.

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10 N                 10  of Hearts   Equivalent to   2309 Aries  -  2551 Aries & 409 Virgo  -  651 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  13th - 16th April  & 27th - 30th August

There are many, many chalices waiting in a cave.
Each may be drunk by every one of us. There is no person here who cannot drink. But first they must find their way to the cave.
The way is hidden from human eyes.
First we must pierce the veils and listen to the call. It has always been there since the beginning of time but few have arrived.
When we take a sip we realise that this is but just a shadow.
The real world is ahead of us.
Dare we enter.

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9 N                  9 of Hearts   Equivalent to   2028 Aries  -   2308 Aries & 652 Virgo  -  932 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  10th - 13th April & 30th August - 2nd September

At this moment alone in a vast ocean, a blue whale moves through the swell of the waves.
They rise and crash but his course is steady.
He is complete and at one with his element.
He knows his journey and will not be deterred.

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8 N                   8 of Hearts   Equivalent to   1750' Aries -  2027 Aries & 933 Virgo  - 1210 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 8th - 10th April & 2nd - 5th September

A man with a pointed beard and gauntletted hand holds a ball of light.
For a while he gazes at it, then he crushes it, breaking it into fragments which turn into butterflies scattering away. Thousands of them swarm upwards filling the air with light. Brighter and brighter until it is too brilliant to see.
In the greatest light we are as blind as if it is dark.
Then the butterflies turn into birds as they get higher.
The birds fly upwards towards the heavens where they become black and join together to create darkness.On the ground there remains a fragment of light which had dropped when the ball was crushed.
It grows brighter and fills the Earth with radiance.
The expression on the man does not change.

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7 N                   7 of Hearts    Equivalent to   514 Aries  -  1749 Aries & 1211 Virgo  -  1446 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 5th -  8th April & 5th - 7th September

There is a mountain which spouts fire.
A volcano which is pouring molten liquid in silence.
A group of people gather around, they are each alone in the crowd, watching, waiting.As the fire touches them they become frozen, like dolls, their hands stretching out to hold a flame.Nothing is moving except the flow of the fiery liquid which pours over them becoming solid. Their eyes are staring unmoving at the volcano. This is the moment.
Then arising from the centre of the volcano, there appears a feathered red tree, reaching for the sky.

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6 N                   6 of Hearts   Equivalent to   1239 Aries  -  1513 Aries & 1445 Virgo - 1721 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  2nd - 5th April & 7th - 10th September

A large crowd gathers around a hill. All is silent and the air is heavy with expectation.
Even the birds are silent
Then from the crown of hill there starts to rise a tower, getting higher and higher.
Nobody moves or speaks. The tower shines of silver: around the top hovers a mist of swirling colours, becoming a heat mist fading into the sky.
A few of the crowd start to move towards the hill, through a concealed door. Others just stand watching. I then realise that this tower is a rocket with people entering. They have been waiting for this. Others continue to wait, watching, not moving at all. The expectation builds up as more people enter, then the rocket smoothly glides upwards, shooting colours from all around, gleaming of silver as it flashes upwards.
The crowd shows no expression as they watch until no sign remains. It is still silent.

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5 N                    5 of Hearts   Equivalent to   1006 Aries -  238 Aries & 1722 Virgo - 1954 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  31st March - 2nd April  & 10th - 13th September

At the centre of a rose lies a maze. She draws us in with her perfume.
When you enter, this becomes a spiral going deeper and deeper within.
A feathery softness strokes us as we move through. A silence covers us as we become one with the scent
We follow it through and find ourselves inside a mound, shaped like a pregnant belly.
We are to enter through the umbilicus. We know the way for we have been here many times before.
Here we find the place of Truth, Beauty and Unity, where we wait like a seed waiting to be reborn.

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4 N                    4 of Hearts   Equivalent to   7 33 Aries - 1005 Aries &  1955 Virgo - 2227 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 28th - 31st March & 13th - 15th September

A glowing crest full of symbols.
A shield held high.
Protection in entering other realms.
Light in spiritual darkness.
Nothing can harm whilst possessing this.
Moving through into new territory.
With this shield it is possible to penetrate the frozen depths.
To plunge through the impenetrable ice and retrieve the fading heart of the earth. Blowing life back into it.
The winds come to join us and their breath restores a pulse to the slow beat
It is time for the sun to warm the earth and new life to open once again.

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3 N                     3 of Hearts   Equivalent to 502 Aries -  732 Aries & 2228 Virgo - 2458 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 26th - 28th March & 15th - 18th September

At last the golden key has appeared. But where is the door it fits.
People are looking up into the sky, gasping in awe as the key reveals itself.
It shines and illuminates all around it. But it is a key without an apparent door.
It is gold with a knotted pattern around the top which holds rubies and other precious stones.
All can see the key yet no-one can touch it.
There is no sense of finding the door which it fits, a total unawareness of any purpose except its beauty.
When it appears a gentle humming follows, inaudible to most ears.
Way, way below the earth, through darkness and decay, lies the ruin of an ancient civilisation still solid and waiting for the return, for the remembrance. In a hidden corner stands a door, old and locked, awaiting a key.

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2 N                     2 of Hearts   Equivalent to   231 Aries -  501Aries & 2459 Virgo- 2729 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 23rd -26th  March & 18th - 20th September

A turtle is climbing slowly out of the water. Five drops fall from his shell.
Each drop is golden and heavy. Where it falls to the ground a tree sprouts, each beautiful and different.
These are special trees of the five senses that he is giving to Mankind.
As we pluck from each one we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell in turn.
The scent is overpowering, very narcotic, and we drift into a deep sleep.
It is as if our souls are being drawn into the earth. We are heavy.
Above us spin webs of vibrant colours moving so that they weave our dreams.
In our dream we are aware of some other gift being offered.
We seek to grasp it but have lost our memory of what it is.
It seems lost, yet it is within our reach if we choose to look into the centre of our being.

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1 N                     ACE of Hearts   Equivalent to  001 Aries -  2 30 Aries &  2730 Virgo - 2959 Virgo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 20th - 23rd March & 21st - 23rd September

An eagle shoots like an arrow across the sky.
The sky behind him glows pink.
A dark crescent moon follows him trying to draw him back.
He must reach the safety of the highest snow capped mountain, which he reaches.
Now he can rest.It is time to survey his journey and contemplate his position.

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1S                      ACE of  Spades   Equivalent to 001 Libra - 230 Libra &  2730 Pisces - 2959 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 23rd  - 26th September & 17th - 20th March

A line from a spiral moves and changes into a fish which swims through a spiral wave and changes into an eel which in turn develops ribbon-flowing tentacles, wafting through the water, swimming with grace and ease, at one.
It then swims downwards into a cave where it emerges and swims out through the top of an egg-shaped globe.

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2S                           2 of Spades   Equivalent to 231 Libra - 501 Libra & 2459 Pisces - 2729 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 26th  - 28th September & 15th -17th March

A maypole with dancers, all going in opposite directions but this is what makes the dance.
Weaving the pattern of life,     -this can only be achieved by allowing each person to
move to their own steps and in their own direction.
There is a sense of celebration of Life, if we are allowed our own rhythm but work together.
We must allow each other to dance to our own steps..

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3S                          3 of Spades   Equivalent to 502 Libra - 732 Libra &  2228 Pisces - 2458 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 28th  - 1st October  & 12th -15th March

A maze rises from the ground hovering in the mist. Many travellers are lost.
A man with a sword anxiously tries to guide them, preventing them from entering certain paths.
The barriers are made of mist yet are impenetrable.
There seems to be no way out, until it can be realised that the way is by entering through other dimensions.
Yet this they are unable to see.So on and on, the knight does his work, moving people onto different paths that all lead nowhere.
Yet to step through only requires the power of thought - a journey of the Spirit - and the mistways open into welcoming light and direct pathways.
It is time to take that mind step now.
The moment is now and it may be many lifetimes before the way becomes clear once more.

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4S                       4 of Spades   Equivalent to 733 Libra - 1005 Libra & 1955' Pisces - 2227 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 1st  - 3rd October & 10th -12th March

A white-robed figure lies horizontally on a platform.
Besides him a man/woman/creature in an Egyptian headdress is playing a long instrument like a flute. It is a rigid snake and from its body comes many different vibrations streaming upwards.
The body of the man then starts to rise, still horizontal, hovering in the air.
The musician still plays. There is stillness. Across it all also hovers a large Eye and on the ground is a large ankh.The vibrations around the snake's body can be seen physically moving and intertwining.

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5S                    5 of Spades   Equivalent to 1006 Libra - 1238 Libra & 1722 Pisces - 1954 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 3rd - 6th October & 7th - 10th March

It is time to fly through the air, soaring as high as we can go. We are going beyond the Sun, we are birds moving higher and higher beyond the light, until all is soft. We have no feathers, we become the light that glows, not burns. All is soft and unmoving. It is time to rest, to become part of heaven. We find the last white feather and send it floating gently down towards the earth.

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6S                   6 of Spades   Equivalent to 1239 Libra - 1513 Libra & 1445 Pisces - 1721 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 6th - 9th October & 4th - 7th March

We are in the wild woods.
There is no way out, we have chosen to be here and must accept the consequences.
Throughout the woods is a maze. Faces are watching from the trees. Faces that have
always been watching.
As we try to get through, the trees touch us and push us along, playing a game.
There is no way out.
"You chose to be here," they cry.
Close your eyes and listen. Sound, sound, sound all around. Bells and birds and leaves.
Suddenly I am in a glade of sunlight surrounded by trees and know that it is time to dance.
With eyes closed I dance, for days and nights, making patterns in the earth, weaving the web, dancing the dance of Life.
There is silence. The way out is upwards.
I reach upwards and am lifted higher and higher

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7S                 7 of Spades   Equivalent to 1514 Libra - 1749 Libra & 1211 Pisces - 1446  Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 9th  - 11th October & 2nd - 4th March

A feather with its fronds spread open, floats like a snowflake downwards.
It represents serenity and has been sent from above as a gift.
It moves slowly towards the Earth but remains suspended during this time,
always Upright.

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8S                 8 of Spades   Equivalent to 1750 Libra - 2027 Libra &  933 Pisces - 1210 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 11th - 14th October &  28th  February - 2nd March

A Woman in rags sits outside in the snow.
Her head is covered with a shawl and in her hands she hold a golden disc which seems to burn through her.All around people hurry past but are oblivious to her and cannot see beyond the rags, that she is indeed holding something most precious.When we look closely her eyes are closed and she is in the otherworld.

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9S               9 of Spades   Equivalent to 2028 Libra - 2308 Libra  &   652 Pisces -  932 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 14th - 16th October & 26th - 28th February

Now is a release, a joy, our feet are like feathers as we float, as we fly, allowing ourselves to touch and merge. It is a meeting of ecstasy, a oneness at the end of a journey. The work has been completed, a balance has been found. We can fly, we can swirl. That is joy, as we swirl upwards and spiral down. Now we can move at will. Arms and bodies part of each other. Breath joined. Let us go.
We are Nothing.
We are Everything.

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10S             10 of Spades   Equivalent to 2309 Libra - 2551 Libra  &  409' Pisces - 651 Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 16th - 19th October & 23rd - 26th February

I have a giant brown bear on one side (right) and a stag on my left.
They guide me to an archway made of antlers reaching upwards. As I go through I see a pathway ahead, it is white with footprints marking the way.
I know I must follow and am led by a white stag.After a long walk, though with no sense of tiring, I reach a place of all kinds of Guardians:  Animals, Rocks, Plants. They are watching me. Here is where all our Guardians wait. I am deeply moved to see them and communicate on a telepathic level.
Now ahead of me I see a vast ocean with the Guardians from that world moving through.
I step into the deep water. I am upright, feet first, arms stretched towards the heavens as my body descends into the deep. Down, down I go with no sense of drowning. No sense of being wet.
As I reach the bottom my body begins to move in an anticlockwise spiral, shooting forwards again. There is no sense of being unable to breathe. The water is caressing me and moving my body, stroking it and pushing it forward.
I am moving forwards surrounded by other creatures of the water world, until I come to an underwater cave. Here I know I am at home.
My Bear and my Stag are waiting once more. It is like the heartbeat of the Universe and my heart is beating with it, as one. I am crying, I am so moved. I belong here, yet I feel so unworthy.
It is the heart of the Universe.

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11S          JACK OF SPADES   Equivalent to 25 52' Libra - 28 38' Libra & 1 22' Pisces - 4 08' Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 19th - 22nd October & 20th - 23rd February

A cave hidden in a cliff.
It is guarded by a wolf.
No one will find it.
It is full of treasures hidden many centuries ago.
These are not just valuable as treasure but each holds a special meaning.
They were placed there by a group who intended to return for them, but were destroyed before it was possible.
Now the secrets lay hidden for eternity.
It is best this way for mankind is not ready to receive this knowledge, and an uncontrollable force would be released.

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12S          QUEEN OF SPADES    Equivalent to 28 39' Libra - 1 29' Scorpio& 28 31' Aquarius - 1 21' Pisces

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 22nd - 24th October  & 17th - 20th February

A raven is flying across the sun.
He shows up like a black silhouette against the brightness of the sun.
He flies so close to the sun that his wings become tinged with gold at the tips.
He knows that he now belongs with the Gods.

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13S         KING OF SPADES   Equivalent to 1 30' Scorpio - 4 24' Scorpio & 25 36' Aquarius - 28 30' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 24th - 28th October & 15th - 17th February

Through a square doorway I see a man dressed in a blue cloak.
 He is holding his hand palm outwards, on which is revealed many symbols.
As I move through the door and get closer I see the symbols start to move.
They are changing shape across his palm, the black lines wriggling like insects, alive.
His face and body are still, but he is calling me with his eyes.
Around his body his cloak starts to move, wrapping itself around him or spreading out.
It is powder blue and the sky is the same colour.It is as if a piece of the sky is enfolding him.
All the time his eyes are calling and drawing me nearer to learn the secrets of the signs.
Yet I know that this is a place to go only when you know that you are prepared to give up everything on this realm, and release hold.

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14 S         ACE of Clubs   Equivalent to 4 25' Scorpio - 7 25' Scorpio & 22 35' Aquarius - 25 35' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 28th - 31st October & 12th - 14th February

The Moon is dripping blood to feed the Earth which is calling out for nourishment.
All is destroyed and burnt except for a green shoot which is starting to push itself through the debris.
A moaning sound comes from deep within the Earth.  It is creaking and groaning and all the stars weep.
The noise becomes louder and louder, a deafening pitch.
It is unbearable and we must wait many moons for it to fade.

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