By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman


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Lorraine's Moon Journeys at the Major Standstill - Thursday, October 13, 2005 at 02:50



Contact with the Moon's maximum out-of-bounds during September and October 2005



I knew I could not attempt this journey without first contacting The Lady of the Moon before she travelled once more Out of Bounds. I would need her permission before any attempt. I had felt her power growing over the previous months and knew her strength was increasing. The next time she was to move Out of Bounds was 12th September 2005. I knew that I did not have much time left to call upon her.


7/9/05  7.45 am*


And there she stood upon the barge


‘Why do you call me’


I explain about the Journeys


‘You think you can make the journey without me’ she smiles

‘Come’ she holds out her hand and I step aboard. There is a sense of touching Nothingness yet at the same time being stroked, I feel delicate invisible strands wrapping round my feet and legs.


‘Once we go further you know there is no return. None. The mists will close and you will be lost forever. Still, I will take you if you wish. On the furthest of my journeys'.


I explain that I have much work to do, I cannot be lost, knowing that I am slowly being seduced, slowly wrapped in the web of her seas.

I tell her that I wish to follow her Journey, Out of Bounds and beyond.


           ‘All who dare will lose their way. The Sun may take your body but I shall take your soul. All souls belongs to me.’


I know I cannot journey so far, that she speaks the truth that my only return would be as a Soulless being. I still feel raw from following the path of the Sun. It is too far to travel. Yet I crave to Know.

‘Help me to prepare. Take me to the edge so that I may see without stepping beyond the Bounds. Show me all that you are.’


‘Then you shall see my dark face and you may cry for all the souls lost forever in my seas. Do not try to save them for they are mine. They are the air that I breathe.

Let me tell you this; we built the veils between our worlds for your protection, for Mankind cannot see and understand. Now the veils are getting thinner because the sacred laws are forgotten and Man no longer cares about these rules that serve to hold your planet together. He destroys the air that you breathe and removes the forests, seeks control of the planets. He no longer cares about the balance of our ways. And now we are gathering your souls like fish in the seas. We too need to survive'.


‘Then show me how it should be’ I ask


‘We shall see’ she smiles. And is gone.


* the moon was in Libra conjunct Venus 




‘Do you wish to join me? There must be no hesitation, Come’

She is drifting, smiling, tantalizing. Calling me. Beckoning me to where I may not go. My head is muzzy, everything gliding through.

She smiles. ‘If you truly wish to know and are prepared to pay my price, you may come to me in Dreamtime'.

Part of me wants to cry out ‘No I do not want to come to you, the price is too high to pay, but I know that I am committed and there is no way to return.


‘Now that you have taken this pledge there is no going back,’ She reads my thoughts. ‘This is your Destiny, step away and we will take your soul. Now you have entered the time of no time and even now you are receiving the truths, which will be retrieved later when you are ready. That is our bargain. Step away now and your soul is ours.’


I try to see through her mist. I know that Owl woman is watching me. I have known her for centuries. She has walked by my side in many lifetimes. She is my Guardian now in this Life Task. I seek her out. I wear her symbol. Carry her feathers. Now I am in her keeping. Now I am in her command. I must see this through. Yet I know she will not desert me. I whisper her secret name and she calls back to me on the wind.

I must trust even though what she shows me is horrific. I cannot bear the reality the cries, the arms reaching out, the waters rising and the earth trembling.

Yet I must not question, there has to be a reason. The answers will come.

And when the moon is full the wolves shall cry out, then they shall scream their pain and her eye shall look down


Friday 16th Sept early hours of the morning

I have entered a place of absolute and total bleakness and despair. I am trying to escape but there is no way out. I am fighting the desire. I go outside to watch the moon. She is serene and beautiful, yet she reveals such a burning pain. I fight the desire to throw myself from the cliffs into the sea, it seems the only way. I must fight it. I must come through. Maybe it is a test.




I am called, pulled, into my trance. The moon demands my presence. I am hers now. She is spinning faster and faster, until she dissolves into a golden sea, swimming in the inky darkness, the Nothingness, which draws her into itself as she spits me out.

I am travelling across the sky, shooting between planets, crossing stars. I don’t know where I am going, I just allow myself to be taken. I see villages swept into the mud, buildings crumble, waters rising.

And I am lost – But not alone.




Back in this reality I am watching images of Mayan villages swept away in the Hurricane Stan. A brief interlude on TV, a few lines in the newspapers. Lake Atitlan was one of the most beautiful in the world. These are people I share the earth’s soul with. A forgotten people, so few remaining, yet the keepers of so much knowledge. A people who had known their own end. A people who had warned of Man’s destruction of this planet just as the Moon had told.  So easy to blame Nature. yet it would not be so devastating without the greed of man; deforestation; the poor forced from their natural homes to be herded together so they can die together. I am angry. My sorrow is great; I have already felt their pain. I have seen their nobility. Once I stayed amongst these people. They told that there would be a time when they would be called to help all the souls who were lost and moving on. I silently thank them. I can find little news, no appeals for help, they are to be forgotten, buried in the mud with their homes. It was decided that the mud which swallowed them would be their burial site, their mass grave. No offers from the rich West of help. This is the way we say goodbye to a noble civilisation.


But they will not be forgotten by those who know. And their souls have remained strong and support me now.

Then I hear of the Earthquake in Kashmir, I see images of those buildings crumbling, of those souls crying out. But most of all I see the Earth crying in pain. What have we done.

There is no need to journey today. I have already seen and felt it all.



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LONDON TERRORIST ATTACK. 7 July 2005 - Wednesday, July 13, 2005
The new moon in Cancer on July 6 was out of bounds at 28 North, close to the out-of-bounds Cancer Moon of the United Kingdom chart

A solar eclipse on 8 April 2005 at 19 degrees Aries (declination 8 North) fell on a sensitive exalted degree. In the seventeenth century astrologer William Lilly published a pamphlet on the affects to England of a solar eclipse at 19 Aries, calling it "Annus Tenebrosus, or The Dark Year". He went into detail about how that particular degree of Aries could bring great calamity to England in 1652.

     Eclipse-degrees remain potent for many months. Three months after this eclipse, which was the first new moon to follow the spring equinox, a new moon at 14 Cancer (the first new moon after the summer solstice) triggered the calamity of the Sun blackened on England's traditional Aries ascendant with terrorist explosions on six underground trains and one tourist bus resulting in a death toll of fifty and rising. The eclipse-degree was also triggered in July by both Mars and the Moon's Node reaching 19 Aries.

     The new moon in Cancer on July 6 was out of bounds at 28 North, close to the out-of-bounds Cancer Moon of the United Kingdom chart. The new moon occurred roughly at 1pm local time in London with Jupiter rising on the United Kingdom ascendant. Just minutes before this moment the news was announced that London had won its bid for the 2012 Olympics and the capital city was in joyful celebration. But the following morning, with the opening of the G8 World Summit, London was again in the spotlight with hundreds injured from bomb blasts and its transport system severely disabled.

     The new and full moons will be particularly strong in these current years as the Moon reaches her major standstill. Lunations near the solstices are especially potent (for good or ill) as the out-of-bounds phenomenon pushes them to the farthest limits and declinational distances from the Sun. (See the shamanic journeys out-of-bounds degrees).

     Other astrological considerations from the April eclipse chart include Uranus exactly parallel the South Node. This would not have been immediately apparent on a longitude chart unless one was looking at antiscia. But "sudden and unexpected" are therefore keywords built into the eclipse. By longitude Saturn at the April eclipse was also conjunct the UKs OOB Moon.


The Tsunami disaster happened close to a Full Moon that was at its farthest out-of-bounds. (26 December 2004, 15.07 GMT. Moon at 5°12' Cancer).

   The declination of the Moon at this lunation was 27°54' North, over four degrees beyond the solstice limits of 23°26', while the Sun was standing at the opposite extreme of 23°20' South. This was a powerful Full Moon, not least because it was also at its apogee (its annual closest approach to the Earth).

   In these years of 2005 and 2006 the Moon is near to its major standstill, the farthest it can travel out of bounds during its nine-year out-of-bounds cycle. But it is not out of bounds all the time, only for a day or so twice a month usually when the Moon is in the signs of Gemini/Cancer or Sagittarius/Capricorn. It won't happen that the Moon is out of bounds every time there is a Full Moon either. In fact the most powerful of the Full Moons in the immediate present are: 26 December 2004, 22 June 2005 and 15 December 2005.

   The Tsunami Full Moon of December 2004 was in the declination degree of 28 North (27°54'N), an image that can be summed up under the heading of 'elements melting'. (For the full shamanic symbol look under the section titled 'Beyond the Portal of the Sun' on this website).


   In June 2005 the Full Moon reaches 29 South, the farthest south it can go. (22 June 2005. Full Moon at 04.15 GMT. Sun at 0 Cancer 51, Moon at 0 Capricorn 51). This is the Sun and Moon stretched at their farthest possible declinations apart, from northern solstice to beyond the southern solstice and takes place just after midsummer day. The shamanic declination symbol (29S) is about layers shifting in different directions.


Comments by Chandra from United States on Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 17:09 - IP Logged
To Lorraine,
I was guided to your site this morning and in my surfing came across the "tsunami" story. Do you believe that there will be seismic activity on the west coast of U.S. on June 22 as the moon and sun extend their furthest distance from one another. My instincts tell me that this would set up a strong polar shift but intellectually I don't understand it all that much. It feels like the reason I was guided to your site was to read this piece of information. Please let me know any information you have one this. Psychically, intuitively, inner-visually, intellectually, factually any way you receive it, I'd like to know as I live right on the fault line and my children are spread out up the coast line. Thanks Lorraine for your response.
I have been thinking of contacting you for a month or so now to see how you have been. You probably are aware of Star being in Peru right now. She sent an email that she would journey to Ausangate Mt. My 1000 words are up. Love to you Chandra


Comments by Elaine Supkis from United States on Friday, May 13, 2005 at 05:02 - IP Logged
I grew up in observatories. One thing my family tracked were earthquakes/volcanic eruptions. The tidal forces of the moon and the sun disrupt the earth's surface significantly. The Great Quake was beginning for about a month...I would look at the semiograph charts every day and count the minor tremors in Sumatra and we would discuss when it would happen. Which is why I rose that night to check the charts and saw the Great Quake happen. Being on the other side of t he planet, the moon was at zenith here.
It was all very astonishing to watch. Oppressive.
By the way, I note that you people have crossed over into the Outer Darkness. Heh. Very interesting. You can't go all the way unless you die, you know. But few want to admit this. The passage is very expensive, mortally speaking.


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AS ABOVE SO BELOW - Thursday, December 09, 2004 at 03:43


Thy return Posterity shall witness. Years must roll away, but then at length the splendid sight again shall greet our distant children's eyes
Jeremiah Horrocks 1639

We are now on the eve of the second transit of a pair, after which there will be no other till the twenty-first century of our era has dawned on earth, and the June flowers are blooming in 2004. When the last transit season occurred the intellectual world was awakening from the slumber of ages, and that wondrous scientific activity which has led to our present advanced knowledge was just beginning. What will be the state of science when the next transit season arrives God only knows. Not even our children's children will live to take part in the astronomy of that day.
William Harkness1882

To have seen even a part of a transit of Venus is an event to remember for a lifetime
Robert Grant

On June 8th 2004 Venus will use the power of the Sun to beam her energy down upon the Earth. In a passage lasting 6 hours we are united beyond time with the above words of William Harkness and Jeremiah Horrocks, as we have the opportunity to witness a planetary spectacle never seen by any living person. The Venus mysteries speak the core truths of many ancient metaphysical belief systems, including the East Indian teachings on Enlightenment, the Rosicrucian philosophy, and the prophetic cosmic plan described by the Mayan culture. The indigenous people of the world always held Venus in awe as they connected directly to the mysteries of this early evening or morning star which shines so brightly and is the first to appear in the sky.

The cosmic signs above us have much to reveal of the relationship of mankind to the Universe. A cycle of Venus begins with its first morning star appearance every 584 days, with five of these cycles occurring in exactly eight years. This gives the Sun and Venus an 8:5 relationship which equals 8/5 or 1.6 which is the Golden proportion (1.618), revealed in the unique principle of nature which lies in living things. Uniting celestial and terrestrial processes under one principle, this sacred geometry states As above, so Below. The movement and pattern that Venus traces around the ecliptic in her eight year astronomical cycle form a pattern that was seen as a five petalled rose or to others as a five pointed star.

When The Rosicrucians chose the five petalled rose as their symbol they were celebrating this pattern. The Golden proportion can be found in all five petalled flowers. The rose family and all the flowers of edible fruit bearing plants are based on five and signal to man that these are his proper foods while seven petalled plants are seen as poisonous to mankind. The pentagonal shape that Venus reveals thus becomes the symbol of Life.

To others the movement of Venus appeared as a five pointed star, the sacred symbol of the Pythagorean Order, referred to as the magical pentacle, containing the golden proportion within the sacred pentangle. This was used as a password or secret symbol amongst the Order. An almost perfect natural pentangle of mountains spans the center of the Order of the Knights Templar around Rennes du Chatres in France and it is clear from their architecture that the Order were well aware of the golden proportion and geometry of the pentangle. Both the Cathars and the Knights Templars believed in the Grail Family as descendants of Christ and Mary Magdelene and connected Mary Magdelene to Venus which was represented by this shape.

As a talisman it was used all over the East as a charm to resist evil and was found on the statue of the Anubis in Egypt. In medieval times the five points that Venus made represented the five knightly virtues of generosity, courtesy, chastity, chivalry and piety. The women's branch of freemasonry uses the five pointed 'Eastern Star' as its emblem, with each point depicting a heroine of biblical lore. The Wicca pentagram, another five pointed star representing Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit, also has its roots in this cycle.

The birth of the morning star was also shown as a symbol of Jesus Christ revealed in Revelation 22:16 as 'the bright and morning star' and again in Revelation 2:28 the Christ promised to those who overcame the world that 'I will give him the morning star'. The Star that announced his birth was depicted in Matthew 2:2 as an upside-down pentagram. Theology is full of references to this star and it becomes clear that the appearance of Venus is connected with great Spiritual revelation and even the appearance of a Master.

In the Dresden Codex, the Maya had an almanac that displayed the full cycle of Venus. Their belief was that there had been four ages prior to our own. The upcoming transit of 2004, is the start of an eight-year cycle ending in 2012, the year that marks the end of their final age, spoken of as the Enlightenment of humanity. The Mayans were greatly interested in the Pleiades star cluster, which they viewed as the rattle of a great cosmic serpent. The Lord Quetzaclcoatl, meaning plumed serpent was identified with the planet Venus and was believed to have lived at the start of the fourth age, which began 11th August 3114 BC referred to by the Maya as the birth of Venus. The planet Venus was said to have been formed when Quetzacoatl after committing incest with his sister was filled with guilt and sacrificed himself by throwing himself into the fire and transforming into Venus. The prophecies await his glorious return and with the Venus passage we are now entering a predicted time of this return, bringing with it the cleansing of all karma and Global Enlightenment. We are currently in a period of decades which brings Venus farther north and closer to the Pleiades cluster. In Mayan cosmology a new phase in evolution was entered on January 5th 1999, and has been waiting for the boost given by this Venus transit to allow us to fulfill our cosmic destiny. To many the Lord Quetzacoatl and the Messiah are one and the same.

The Vedic tradition in India, also sees this Transit of 2004 as a turning point which is the start of the Golden Age, coming to fruition at the next Venus Transit in 2012.

All around the world Venus is celebrated, her sisters in other cultures sharing the same aspects of fertility, food, serpents, rainbows, nurturing, birth, death, rebirth and transformation. She is beautiful and powerful though sometimes she can be fierce but only when she needs to protect her own and bring about eventual harmony. On the planet Venus itself, stands a volcano named Maat Mons after the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice.

When we speak of Venus we connect to the Divine Feminine. Venus loves the Arts, and features strongly in the birthcharts of great artists, poets and musicians. Her connection with the Golden Proportion, is revealed in many great paintings and musical harmonies. The Venus transit of 1631 witnessed the glory of womanhood celebrated in the paintings of Rubens and Rembrandt and we find that during the last Venus Passage the Divine Feminine was also valued for its divine beauty and place in creativity, a time of Pre-Raphaelite art revealing the glory of womanhood.

But women were not just to be celebrated as the muse or divine goddess, this was the age of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn where men and women worked together as equals in spiritual and magical ceremonies. Through the protection of the mystical pentagram the Women of the Golden Dawn evoked the Lady Venus in their magical journeying and returned with the report of being given 'the secret of the Holy Grail'. Also during this time Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society fostering an interest in spiritual and creative matters. Women were allowed to study medicine and practice as doctors and were finally given control over their fertility with the setting up of birth control clinics. There was an awareness of the secret power of the Divine Feminine, going back to the Renaissance and the Holy Grail which is nowadays believed to represent the Divine Feminine. These concepts occurred during Venus Passage years and hidden in them is said to be a secret passed only to initiates that may yet be revealed by the coming transit. Already this year the Christian Church has elevated Mary Magdalene from Prostitute to great Spiritual Leader and women in the Middle East are being freed from masculine left brained constraints, as the world moves towards a more right brained feminine approach.

Venus is our sister planet, acting as a 'cosmic mirror' to Earth and during any conjunctions and passages she always turns the same face towards the earth. During her coming passage in 2004 Venus, as in many previous transits will show a Gemini face, where she will stay in the same sign from April 3rd to August 7th which is 126 days compared to the usual 3 weeks, forty three of which (from May 17th to June 29th) are retrograde. So we have a long period to bathe in the Venus' Gemini energy, experiencing both its lighter and its darker, more mysterious side. Venus is usually seen as the glowing light against the dark sky, but during this special passage we see her in reverse, dark against the light of the Sun. The highlight of the event is when Venus is seen as a drop on the edge of the Sun. Is this her cleansing tear? We then have 8 years in which to assimilate it all.

By looking at previous Venus Transits we can get some idea of what is in store for humanity. The Gemini face being shown will focus on various aspects of that sign. The most obvious is in Communication. If we look back at previous Venus Passages we can see that the thread of communication leading to globalisation has been running through them with the dates of recent previous passages being

1518 1526
1631 1639
1761 1769
1874 1882
2004 2012

It was during previous Venus Passages that our great inventions in communications took place, connecting different peoples of the world. This often involved travel and exploration and during the transit of 1518 there was the first circumnavigation of the globe when Magellan crossed the Pacific. Again communication was the mark of the 1631 transit when the National Mail Service was established enabling people to connect to each other. In 1761 we see the first example of global collaboration in science as scientists around the world worked together from seventy-seven different points around the globe in order to measure the distance to the Sun. It was this collaboration which led to Captain Cook's famous Australian voyage when he was sent to Tahiti to observe the transit. Although this was at the height of the Seven Year's War, despite bitter hostilities astronomers were given letters of cooperation to enable them to pass enemy lines unmolested. It was an extraordinary feat of unity, which is the key mark of Venus. 1874 brought more in the lines of communication as the telephone was patented, followed by the completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable and the founding of the World Post Union.

The strong Gemini influence also showed in great writings. In 1762 Rousseau's Social Contract was published stating that 'Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains'. This led to European Enlightenment which inspired much of the political order of Europe and America leading to the idea of liberty and civil rights.

The year 2003 was much ruled by Mars, which came the closest it had been to Earth for 73,000 years. It was a year exhibiting many of the Mars characteristics, with much focus on war particularly between the East and West. Now in 2004 it is the turn of Venus and the chance to resolve these issues through the harmony she provides. But it is up to mankind to use these harmonies for their greatest benefit and it is to this end that the Oneness Ceremony was developed.

As we have already seen, the effects of a Venus passage are demonstrable. It is a time during which global unity is highlighted, a time for collaboration and cooperation across the globe. The astronomical effect will be visible across the world, excepting the West Coast of America, and we will all be charged with that beam of light whether the sun is visible or not. The Cosmos is greater than any of us and gives clear signs if only we will read them. The sunspot activity prior to the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th 2003 reinforced the strength of the cosmic signs being revealed. All around the world wondrous things were experienced. It is all part of the cosmic pattern.

Carl-Johan Calleman, a Mayan specialist, conceived the Oneness Celebration to bring about the global harmony that we so desperately need if humanity is to reach the state of enlightenment necessary for our entry into the next stage of evolution. Already preparations have begun. The Oneness Ceremony takes place from the 6 - 8th of June. In the Tzolkin count used by the Mayan Daykeepers, those days are represented by Light, Alligator, and Wind meaning Radiance, the primordial Mother, and Spirit.
Sharing the same energy, the Declination Degree and Shamanic Symbol for that time are
23º N Equivalent to 10º 17' Gemini- 19º 03' Gemini

There is a great storm.
The crocodile's mouth is open wide, his jaws waiting.
The elephant stamps his giant feet, crushing all before him.
Now is the time.
The oceans swirl and the crocodile swallows the world.
The weight flips him over so we can only see his underbelly; inside it is black, there is no light.
Holes are made in the crocodile's belly so light can come through like stars.
It is a time of waiting, a time of blackness, silence.
There is bird song, light creeps in, the crocodile gives birth to the world as a round egg.
It is transparent and we are waiting for it to hatch

When the Mayans greet each other their words are In Lak'esh. This means 'I am another yourself'. In other words We are all One. Now is the perfect time to demonstrate this, we can all be part of the Oneness Celebration, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, as the light of Truth and Justice streams down bathing us in the Venus qualities of Love Beauty and Harmony. This is the moment, and we are the ones, that the world has been waiting for.

Lorraine Exley 2004

When The Cure begins

As the light increases we see ourselves to be worst than we thought.
We are amazed at our former blindness, as we see issuing forth from the depths of our heart a whole swarm of shameful feelings,
like filthy reptiles crawling from a hidden cave.
We never could have believed that we could have harbored such things,
and we stand aghast as we watch them gradually appear.
But while our faults diminish, the light by which we see them waxes brighter, and we are filled with horror. Bear in mind, for your comfort
that we only perceive our malady when the cure begins.

Francois Fenelon 1651-1715


VENUS 2004

On 8th June, 2004, when Venus and the Sun make their closest conjunction for over 100 years, it is a rare two-way conjunction exact by both longitude and declination. It takes place at 17 degrees 54 minutes of Gemini on the tropical zodiac and 22 degrees 48 minutes north of the equator by declination. This is by far the most powerful astrological activation of 2004 and means that the vibes of Venus will be extra strong.

UK and USA

Apart from having a general influence on the world around this time, the Sun-Venus cazimi makes noticeable links to the charts of both the United Kingdom and the United States. On the UK chart the Sun-Venus at 17 Gemini falls exactly opposite the UKs Mercury at 17 Sagittarius and trines the UKs Venus at 16 Aquarius. With the Sun-Venus also falling in the ninth house of the UK chart it suggests much information and speculation on a harmonious event. The Sun-Venus declination at 22N48 is very close to the UK midheaven of 23N09 and contraparallel the UK Sun of 23S04. It definitely affects this chart.
But the activation is even more direct on the USAs chart, where the Sun-Venus declination of 22N48 is exactly parallel the US Sun (22N48). The natal Sun of The United States is at 13 degrees of Cancer by longitude which is the antiscion of the Sun-Venus conjunction at 17 Gemini. This is more or less equivalent to having a direct transit of Sun-Venus to the US Sun. The powerhouse of the United States is The Pentagon - a five-sided Venus symbol.

Morning Star - Evening Star

Although a parallel conjunction of Venus and the Sun is rare, a normal zodiac conjunction of the two planets (non-parallel by declination) takes place five times in four years. Tracing this on a zodiac wheel will produce a pentagram. At each of these conjunctions Venus changes its position from one side of the Sun to the other, so that for approximately 290 days it either rises before or after the Sun. Thus Venus is perceived as a Morning Star or an Evening Star for a period of a little over eight months each between zodiacal solar conjunctions.
In the first half of 2004 leading up to the Sun-Venus conjunction, Venus is ahead of the Sun in the zodiac and is therefore an Evening Star, appearing brightly as the first star in the sky after sunset. After the conjunction Venus will remain behind the Sun in the zodiac and become the Morning Star, the last star to be seen in the sky before dawn.

Venus across the face of the Sun

The rare alignments of Venus moving across the disk of the Sun are clustered in pairs and separated by about 120 years. (Four conjunctions within 234 years). The last two parallel conjunctions took place in 1874 and 1882. The current conjunction of 2004 will be followed by another in 2012 (6th June 2012). In 2004 Venus as a little dot moves across the face of the Sun's southern hemisphere. In 2012 it will transit the Sun's northern hemisphere.
The transit of 2004 lasts for over six hours from approximately 06.20am to 12.20pm clock-time (BST) in Britain. The maximum point from an astronomical view is around 09.20am. The Venus planetary hour during this time runs from approximately 06.35 - 07.55am. The Oneness Celebration takes place at 12 noon.

Paul F. Newman 2004

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the Total Lunar Eclipse November 9, 2003

By Paul Newman & Lorraine Exley
Copyright 2003-4


The Total Lunar Eclipse of November 9, 2003, which is also being called "The Harmonic Concordance", is an important point in the Lunar Saros 126 series which began with a lunar eclipse on July 8, 1210. As this is the birth eclipse of the entire series, it should have a relevance to the flavour of the whole 1280-year chain.

"Cathartic" and "Catharsis" are suggested keywords for this chain of lunar eclipses. Both words come from the same root as "Cathar" the religion of cleansing and purity whose followers were brutally wiped out in a papal crusade against them that began in 1209.

The Cathars, who resided mainly in the Languedoc region of southern France in the 12th and 13th centuries, were heretics in the eyes of the established Christian Church because they believed in reincarnation and placed a value on the feminine. Their teachers the parfaits (perfected ones) were both men and women. But their greatest heresy was a secret too potentially damaging for the Church of Rome to allow to survive, and the Holy Inquisition was created (in 1233) to hound out any lingering remnants of it. To some extent the Inquisition failed because these secrets were already in the hands of the Knights Templar, but on an outer level the Roman Church did succeed in establishing its version of the story of Christ to the eclipse of any other.

The 1210 astrological chart

This is the initial lunar eclipse in the Saros series 126, dated 8 July 1210, of which the "Harmonic Concordance" eclipse of 9 November 2003 is the last 'total' manifestation in the chain. (The chain finishes in 2490). The initial Moon should hold clues as to the energy spread throughout the 1280-year chain of eclipses and especially to the special eclipse in November 2003.

For charts of historical events we have found it advantageous to use one of the older sets of astrological degree symbols, and the "La Volasfera" set has been employed in this case. (For twentieth century and current events the Sabian Symbols are more favoured).

The La Volasfera symbol for the eclipsed Full Moon in 1210 (Capricorn 23) according to Sepharial's translation is: "A wineglass overturned".

There is something of a disaster implied here. An object that is life-giving and fortifying - a glass of wine - has been spilt. By analogy blood has been spilt. In Christian communion wine is symbolic of the blood of Christ.

The Knights Templar, who were at the height of their power at this time, wore the blood cross on their shirts, but this spilt blood image seems particularly relevant to the event that began in 1209 and continued for several years - The Albigensian Crusade in the Languedoc. This is when the entire Cathar religion was wiped out on an order from the Pope. Tens of thousands of men, women and children were slaughtered for their heretical beliefs. 100 years later the Templars themselves would be subject to a similar papal purge but they were better prepared and they were trained fighters, unlike the Cathars.

A fuller version of the Volasfera symbol for the initial eclipse Moon at Capricorn 23, (the French Janduz translation), reads as follows:
"A blindfolded woman pulls a man along by the hand. As he follows her, in his haste, he overthrows the table on which they seem to have had a romantic meal"

This is the "wineglass overturned" in greater detail. The symbol suggests that a woman is hurrying a man away from a meal that they were both sharing. Maybe she has advance news of hostile forces closing in and is trying to get them both to safety before it's too late. But she is also described as being "blindfolded" so it is not likely that she can see clearly what is going on either.

On another level this image may be a representation of Mary Magdalene trying to save Jesus Christ. The reason for the annihilation of the Cathars by the established Christian Church was to suppress the belief that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus and that they engendered a bloodline. Moreover the suggestion of romance in the symbol, the sharing of earthly pleasures between Jesus and Mary, was another heretical point that would cause the papal armies to kill in the name of God.

A cleansing purge and suppression of beliefs are both phrases we could connect to this chain of lunar eclipses.

Other events relevant to 1210:

England was under an Interdict for 5 years at this time (1208-1213) from the same pope (Innocent III) who ordered the annihilation of the Cathars. Celebration of the Mass was prohibited in all churches and the dead had to be buried in unconsecrated ground. This was because King John had refused the Pope's choice for the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

It may sound petty today, but if you were a god-fearing soul alive in England in 1210 and a loved one died you would be devastated to think that they were forbidden to be buried in the consecrated grounds of a church they had attended all their life. Many people must have been afraid to die at this time, fearing that their souls would be eternally shut out from heaven. Could it be that this November's eclipse, with its harmonious patterns, promises to bring these and other wandering souls to rest?

The 1210 eclipse is also close to another more famous historical event: the signing of Magna Carta in 1215. Obviously the Magna Carta didn't suddenly spring into being one morning in 1215, it was the end result of work and discussion of the previous years. It is claimed that a Templar Grand Master was standing next to King John when he signed Magna Carta.

On one level this may suggest that this November's eclipse, the Harmonic Concordance, has a bearing on human rights, or basic human freedoms - things which are generally associated with Magna Carta.

One of the most popular and influential pieces of writing in Europe at the time of the initial lunar eclipse was Wolfram von Eschenbach's 'Parzival'. In this mystical work Templar knights are described as guardians of the Holy Grail.

Eclipses in the Saros series:

The early eclipses in this Saros series ran as follows: July 8, 1210; July 18, 1228; July 30, 1246; Aug 9, 1264; Aug 20, 1282; Aug 30, 1300....
Each lunar eclipse will be roughly 18 years plus 10 days after the last.

The Total eclipses began on June 19, 1769 with the Peak eclipse (the middle one of the series) on August 13,1859.

This Peak Eclipse coincided with the year that Charles Darwin finally published his 'Origin of Species'. He had kept his heretical concepts quiet for some time because he feared a backlash. It was the most revolutionary and (for the church) dangerous idea for centuries.

In the 20th century the eclipses in this same series were: Sept. 15, 1913; Sep. 26, 1931; Oct 7, 1949; Oct 18, 1967; Oct 28, 1985.
Two things that happened in 1985 (the year of the last eclipse) and may be relevant are:

1. The Greenpeace boat 'Rainbow Warrior' was blown up in New Zealand, and
2. The LiveAid Concert took place.

The theme of going against the Establishment can be seen in both of these events. LiveAid was a positive expression of this - raising money to save lives where banks and established agencies were failing. The destruction of 'The Rainbow Warrior' was the other side of the coin, very similar to the Pope's crusade to crush anything that went against the establishment line in the 13th/14th century. It is interesting that it was the French secret service who destroyed the Greenpeace ship because it was the French king who mobilised against the Templars. However many of the original Templars (and Cathars) were French themselves of course.

The eclipse before 1985 was in October 1967. This was around the time of student unrest. Although this happened in many countries across the world it was particularly bloody in France.

There does appear to be a theme of going against the establishment or persecution by the establishment that runs through this entire eclipse chain. In 2003, the current eclipse year, many people have been against the establishment particularly in terms of the Gulf War. And again the name of one nation stands out: France.

The Sabian symbol of the eclipsed Full Moon in 2003 is "A symbolic battle between Swords and Torches" (Taurus 17). This may hold a reference to Mithras, the sun-god who was often pictured with a Sword in one hand and a Torch in the other. Dane Rudhyar's keynote interpretation of the symbol is: "Refusing to depend on the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal 'Great War'".


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