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Comments by Elaine Supkis from United States on Friday, May 13, 2005 at 05:02 - IP Logged

I grew up in observatories. One thing my family tracked were earthquakes/volcanic eruptions. The tidal forces of the moon and the sun disrupt the earth's surface significantly. The Great Quake was beginning for about a month...I would look at the semiograph charts every day and count the minor tremors in Sumatra and we would discuss when it would happen. Which is why I rose that night to check the charts and saw the Great Quake happen. Being on the other side of t he planet, the moon was at zenith here.
It was all very astonishing to watch. Oppressive.
By the way, I note that you people have crossed over into the Outer Darkness. Heh. Very interesting. You can't go all the way unless you die, you know. But few want to admit this. The passage is very expensive, mortally speaking.

Comments by Chandra from United States on Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 17:09 - IP Logged

To Lorraine,
I was guided to your site this morning and in my surfing came across the "tsunami" story. Do you believe that there will be seismic activity on the west coast of U.S. on June 22 as the moon and sun extend their furthest distance from one another. My instincts tell me that this would set up a strong polar shift but intellectually I don't understand it all that much. It feels like the reason I was guided to your site was to read this piece of information. Please let me know any information you have one this. Psychically, intuitively, inner-visually, intellectually, factually any way you receive it, I'd like to know as I live right on the fault line and my children are spread out up the coast line. Thanks Lorraine for your response.
I have been thinking of contacting you for a month or so now to see how you have been. You probably are aware of Star being in Peru right now. She sent an email that she would journey to Ausangate Mt. My 1000 words are up. Love to you Chandra

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