By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman


The Beginning by Lorraine


I first met Paul at an Astrology group in Dorset, England. There was an immediate sense of Knowing. A Knowledge of some work that we had to do.
Though at the time I had no idea of what lay ahead, I knew that here was a Companion of Destiny.

The start of the Journey came when I heard that Paul had been conducting some kind of visualisation experiments with his astrology classes and I offered to help. He sent me a list of names, with no indication of what they were. I opened the envelope and was immediately pulled into another time/space.

Little did I realise that this was to be the start of an amazing journey which would lead me through 3 days and nights alone in a forest on a Vision Quest; a trek across the Brazilian Rainforest; the discovery of many Ancient Egyptian rites and also would bring about the ability to transcend time and space as I connected with the Etheric Body of the Universe.

When I looked at the list sent by Paul the word which immediately took my attention was ALGENIB. I did not have time to think about this word
or to understand what it was or where it had come from, before I was pulled into a different space. It was only later that Paul told me that it was the
name of a Star. Here are extracts from letters written at the time, which were in fact the seeding of what was to come:


9.37 a.m. 7/06/97

Dear Paul,

ALGENIB - I find myself in a cave like entrance with long, long corridors. Entering a blackness. Sides glow with a phosphorescence, a light is shining
far off but the nearer you get to this the further away it becomes, although its brightness becomes unbearable. I travelled, or rather sped or was I pulled by some magnetic force for miles or rather a distance beyond miles as I seemed to be moving towards it faster than the speed of sound, as in a vortex but still it seemed to get further and further as I moved towards it. Feeling very sick. Feel I am entering unknown territory, sense of the forbidden. Very few have entered here. When I received this image I fell backward and felt very dizzy, I was very brave (told that if I was afraid to die not to enter) and allowed myself to go right into the light, it was a burning white light and was painful to be around, I had to close my eyes as the light was blinding, a
voice asking why I was there and directed me back with a special task that I had to perform, before being allowed further. Would not give me any nswers; I had the answer within myself. I think this is tied in with my quest but it is not just my quest. Your name was mentioned Paul. Must tie in with other people who have quested and their charts. Something more than a personal mission. I am still feeling dizzy but will fulfil the task. When this is done I will be allowed back again. ENOUGH FOR ONE DAY

All this may sound confusing, but is exactly what I saw. I had not intended to approach it straight away, but the effect was immediate. ALGENIB was
actually much more intense than I have words to describe and VERY REAL.

After this journey, I felt that I had been blinded. My eyes felt burnt out, and for a while I was seriously worried about my eyesight. My head was full of shooting pain and the only relief was to lie quietly.

A telepathic link was to develop between myself and Paul. I would visualise something and, quite unknowingly, Paul several miles away would be painting it in exact detail.


Dear Paul,

Spent about five days recovering from my last journey then realised that this was all part of preparing to walk between the worlds, (remember I said that I
would bring you something back). Had to have another go, of course. This time it was much easier getting there, and I could get straight to the point where I left off. This all seemed to be tied up with the fact that I had risked a lot to get there, I had been very aware that there was a possibility of not coming back, it seems that you have to leave all sense of self, which is the key to reaching it and travel as part of a universal force. Please don't let this worry you, as part of what is happening is being able to put yourself in the position of total trust, or the Leap of Faith into the Great Unknown. It's an amazing feeling to travel that way. Anyway what I got was quite a revelation, which ties you in. First of all there was this noise of a great pounding heart, (though it wasn't a heart) then I came across, a sphere which a first seemed to be balanced on a stand and from it were coming visible rays of energy. This is very frustrating because our language doesn't have the words for these things and you have to use the nearest word which is never quite right. Anyway these vibrations were coming from the sphere and they gave off the most beautiful feeling I have ever known. Again no words. First I was aware that I had indeed entered between the worlds, though I knew that it was only a glimpse, and I would need my 3 days and nights on my quest to truly get in but I was introduced to "The Keeper of the Globe" who had allowed me in, and guess what - it was you Paul, it really was. I wanted to know if this was from some past existence, but was told that everything existed on parallel levels.

This all ties in, as it was you who sent me there, and you who is exploring this star so you must have very strong links with it. "Keeper of the Globe". As I got closer to the "globe" I realised that it wasn't actually resting on the stand but floating above it, and these rays just kept on coming from it and feeling so wonderful, It was a feeling of totality, warmth, strength, harmony, joy, yet again no words are available for it. As I looked inside the globe there were flowing metallic colours, again totally unlike any colour here, so no words to describe them and they flowed into the shapes of a universe around, beneath, I don't know where. The other amazing thing was there was no concept of size as it was smaller than the smallest atom or large enough to contain the Universe. The idea of size just does not seem to exist.

Now I am back I can still feel that sensation, as if a speck of dust from it has clung to me when I was there and I have brought it back inside me. I'm sorry if my accounts sound garbled, but I always feel it is best to describe them immediately afterwards without any sense of trying to structure them. I JUST FEEL SO AMAZING. Though I still can't work out what it is all about, but I suspect that I have got to stop trying to think that way if I want to get further. Whatever next.

I was shocked to find that the next time I met Paul he showed me a painting which he had completed at the same time as my Journey to Algenib (though he had no knowledge that I would be Journeying at this time). There, on the painting was the exact globe that I had seen, hovering and surrounded by the electric shades of colour that I had seen in my vision.

This telepathy grew stronger, supporting me through the many intense explorations which I was to find myself going through, including a Shamanic Death experience in the Jungle. It was as if not only were we tapping into the same force, but also the same force was tapping into us.


Dear Paul

Just to keep you informed on the ALGENIB experiment. I was so knocked out when I saw the 'globe'. It was so much like the Algenib Globe that I felt back in touch with it again. I kept being drawn back to it and could really feel those same vibrations coming of it. I truly believe it has come from between the worlds.

I have had to try to keep from travelling off again as I've been going up to London to work in the British Library which again is like travelling through time and I've had to try very hard to keep focused. However I have been unable to resist making some connection even though I know I am not allowed back in for a while. I keep getting messages to connect to my moon through Algenib, and I have been travelling there. When I get there, there is actually no moon at all but total darkness, and it is an absolutely wonderful feeling just swimming through this blackness and being engulfed by it. It is so dark and vast that it should be terrifying and once it would have been but I feel that I am again being allowed into uncharted territory, it just seems to wrap itself around me and the moon is part of the blackness so I become part of the moon. Again all this sounds very strange and impossible to describe, but I feel that this dark, black place where all sorts of things could happen, is there to protect me, and lead me on to the next step of the journey. I am going to spent a lot of time working on this moon as I know it is part of the plan.

Much later, after the Declations had been completed, I found myself compelled to research Algenib in "Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing" by Michael Smulkis & Fred Rubenfeld. The book states that 'The ability to transfer information from one subtle body to another as modulated by the mental body is directly affected by meditating on this star. Creative visualisation as well as other forms of visualisation are directly stimulated. This can mean visualisation of another's idea, or creation of new ideas when reading something....... these are enhanced, as the mental body is able to more easily direct the flow of energy and information within all the subtle bodies. When a visualisation is created through the mental body to connect the aetheric body to the physical body, there will be a consequent flow of energy. The energy will at first flow from the physical body to the aetheric body. The visualisation through mental body energies will then create an intertwining effect and the combination of information and energy will take place'.

So, so many things started to happen after this, events which seemed like a gigantic treasure hunt or search for some sort of Grail or Truth. It became
like collecting scrambled pieces of a jigsaw, which made no sense until they could be fitted together, but each piece being necessary to the whole. It
seemed that we could never quite fit it all together, yet there was a beautiful design, a pattern that was developing.

Even when Paul approached me about working on a system of symbols for the Declinations, I had no idea of the way in which it was to develop. Or in fact any idea of where it would lead me on my personal quest. And behind it, and often unknowingly, Paul would be giving these other dimensional journeys form through his artwork.

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How the Symbols Were Written

As described earlier, Paul asked me to choose from a selection of unopened packs of playing cards. I soon found that it was not up to me to dictate when these symbols were accessed. Many times I had tried to do so at convenient times, only to find that nothing would happen. Other times, I was literally dragged from what I was doing, or woken in the night, and found myself participating in or observing some other world. I would choose a card,
unaware of which card it was, and hold it. Paul had already allocated a degree to each card, but I was at this point unaware of what the card I was
holding related to.

If the time were right, the picture would start to form before me, or inside of me, or around me. At first the intensity of what happened caused me to hold back, and I would observe from a distance, but as I got drawn more and more into this strange world which was allowing me to enter in, I began to
participate. I was always struck by the strength of the energies in this world, or worlds. Everything seemed much more powerful, the scents, the
sounds, the taste. It was as if we were working through some extra sense, which allowed us to experience everything in its true essence.

I recorded the time as it appeared in our apparent reality, yet what I was experiencing was the ability to transcend time and space, as if when working
with the Ecliptic, time became bent or distorted. It was as if, because this experience wasn't linear that it was so much easier to slip through the dimensions.

Sometimes I would just have a glimpse for what seemed seconds, or I could be gone for hours or sometimes days, or for Eternity. Then I would return and hardly any time would have passed, only the time spent in preparation. Of course, we have noted the times and dates of all the journeys.

After each session, I would immediately write down what I had experienced, I purposefully chose to keep the exact words as they were written. Nothing was changed, though it would have been tempting to change the vocabulary or grammatical structure, but I felt that changing just the slightest thing
would mean the possibility of changing the truth of what I had seen and experienced.

Sometimes I would give illustrations or symbols would appear. All these would be recorded in my little silver book. Only when Paul received this were the playing card symbols converted into the degree of Declination. At this point we were unaware of the pattern that was slowly developing and of where we
were being led. Little was I aware of how far I would travel, of the guides I would meet, the boundaries I would cross and the awe inspiring sights which
would confront me.

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