By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman




May 12th to 1st August

Sun moving through, 
19 to 24 degrees North.

By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman 
Copyright 2001

Index to the journey for May 12th to 1st August :

19º N :  12th - 16th May & 28th July - 1st August
20º N : 16th - 20th May & 23rd - 28th July
21º N : 20th - 25th May & 18th - 23rd July
22º N : 25th May - 1st June & 12th July - 18th July
23º N : 1st - 10th June & 3rd - 12th July
24ºN : 10th - 21st June & 21st June - 3rd July.  (23 days continuous)

19             6 of Diamonds    Equivalent to 20 57' Taurus - 24 53' Taurus & 5 07' Leo - 9 03' Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 12th - 16th May & 28th July - 1st August

I see a beautiful apple tree full of blossom.
In the centre of the trunk is a large hole.
I enter inside and my body curves into the space.
I am pushing and pushing until I become one with the tree and my body becomes part of it.
The hole closes, enveloping me inside, my arms are raised upwards towards the branches of the tree.
I feel an exquisite sensation as energy shoots up my spine and through the tree and out of the branches.
I know I have made the right decision.
I am sparkling with life-force.

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20 N             7 of Diamonds    Equivalent to 24 54' Taurus - 29 15' Taurus & 0 45' Leo - 5 06' Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 16th - 20th May & 23rd - 28th July

There is a beautiful Dance around the Tree of Life.
Maidens move with the breeze, which gently blows their garments and their hair.
They are serene and in harmony with the flow of Life.
As they give their energy to the tree, it grows higher and higher reaching to the Heavens.
Around sit all the ancestors who watch the Dance.
The Dance of Life.
They are content and know that all goes well.
It is time to celebrate.

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21 N             8 of Diamonds    Equivalent to 29 16' Taurus - 4 13' Gemini & 25 47' Cancer - 0 44' Leo

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 20th - 25th May & 18th - 23rd July

The earth is beating, the sound of a drum echoing from inside the surface.
It is the cry of the keepers of knowledge.
Their cries from throughout the centuries, their hopes, their fears,
their warnings, their silence, all mingle together.
The beat is getting louder, the earth is throbbing, pulsating.
Not everybody can hear. Not everybody listens.
Many shut their ears but others hear and begin to dance,
to move with fluidity, to flow with the energy of the wind,
to take the vibration through their bodies.

They become the grasses, they become the flowers, the trees.
The rocks are beating and somewhere there is a howling,
an anger of energy as all around is swept away and thrown aside,
tossed through the air and the screaming becomes singing
and the singing becomes humming,
and the humming becomes whispering,
and the world sleeps.

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22 N             9 of Diamonds    Equivalent to 4 14 Gemini - 10 16' Gemini & 19 44' Cancer - 25 46' Cancer

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 25th May - 1st June & 12th July - 18th July

I see a black circle before me, hovering above the ground.
I step inside and it starts to spin clockwise as I am stretched out across it.
It moves faster and faster into the distance, which is where it has already been (in the past).
Then I am viewing it from the other end so that it is coming towards me, rather than away.
I see that it is moving in a spiral. I am still moving with it faster than light.
It is pushing through light and extreme brightness, pointing towards a cave of ice.
I am propelled into the huge cave, which is like a frozen castle.
A very, very strong smell of ice, from ages old and earthy water. So, so ancient.
As I enter inside I see bears' heads along the sides, all are sleeping.
I get further and further in and the smell is of ancient times and deep, deep earth.
I am entering the Past, the Pathway of times gone by.
Further and further...Beautiful carvings of ice...spirals and strange markings carved in the ice...

Then directly in front of me is a huge black bear. His eyes are closed.
He sleeps for eternity holding the past within him.
The ancient wisdom in every breath.
I step inside him and become my past. I am part of him, and belong to his breath - the heartbeat of the world.
And then it is reversed and we are looking at it from the future.
It is time to sleep until the moment is right.

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23  N             10 of Diamonds    Equivalent to 10 17' Gemini- 19 03' Gemini & 10 57' Cancer - 19 43' Cancer

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 1st - 10th June & 3rd - 12th July

There is a great storm.
The crocodile's mouth is open wide, his jaws waiting.
The elephant stamps his giant feet, crushing all before him.
Now is the time.
The oceans swirl and the crocodile swallows the world.
The weight flips him over so we can only see his underbelly; inside it is black, there is no light.
Holes are made in the crocodile's belly so light can come through like stars.
It is a time of waiting, a time of blackness, silence.
There is bird song, light creeps in, the crocodile gives birth to the world as a round egg.
It is transparent and we are waiting for it to hatch.

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24  N             JACK OF DIAMONDS    Equivalent to 19 04' Gemini - 29 59' Gemini & 0 00' Cancer - 10 56' Cancer

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 10th - 21st June & 21st June - 3rd July.  (23 days continuous)

Note: This is the highest degree of declination North, incorporating the Summer Solstice.

There is a gateway full of strange patterns;
a black giant bird guarding it, although it too is part of the gateway.
Saying the mantra, the gateway opens for me to enter and join a thronging mass,
a procession moving forward, all chanting.

I join them, yet my physical body is left behind.
A priest ahead carries an emblem the same as the door.
We chant, the sound becoming one note of exquisite beauty,
lifting all upwards, a vibration joining all of us as one.
The procession from afar looks like a black empty space.
Ahead is an arched doorway, yet it is made of nothing, just hovering light.
We are allowed through into this most sacred of sacred places.

Here is a maze working beneath the earth.
There is the sound of dripping water; the scent of earth is in my nostrils,
I can taste it in my mouth.
A deep rich mineral taste, a taste of energy.
My body and face become numbed, my tongue unable to move and chant,
yet the humming goes on, echoing beneath and above us.
The maze is the pattern on the doorway and we follow it deeper and deeper.
At the end a doorway vanishes and we are inside facing blazing light.
We throw ourselves on the floor covering our eyes.
The light is searing through us.
You can hear its sound as it cleanses and purifies.
We are in the presence of the Sun God.

I realise that the Sun is below the earth, beneath our consciousness;
this is a place where the elements meet and become one.
All air is drawn into one vessel, which spirals around.
The dripping water becomes one stream;
the earth begins to crumble as the fire sears through all.
It is a holy, joyful moment.
The body releases all in offering to the god.
The bodies become dry and chalk-like,
crumbling, releasing, finding a freedom as they become one with the Source.

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