By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman




November 1st to February 11th
Sun moving through, 
15 to 24 degrees South.

By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman 
Copyright 2001

Index to the journey for November 1st to February 11th :

15 S: 31st October - 3rd November & 8th - 11th February
16 S: 3rd - 6th November & 5th - 8th February
17 S: 6th - 10th November & 2nd - 5th February
18 S: 10th - 13th November &  29th January - 2nd February
19 S: 13th - 17th November & 25th - 29th January
20 S: 17th - 22nd November  & 21st - 25th January
21 S: 22nd - 26th November  & 16th - 21st January
22 S: 26th November - 2nd December  & 10th - 16th January
23 S: 2nd - 11th December & 2nd - 10th January
24 S: 11th - 22nd December & 22nd December - 2nd January (22 days continuous).

15 S            2 of Clubs    Equivalent to 7 26' Scorpio - 10 33' Scorpio & 19 27' Aquarius - 22 34' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 31st October - 3rd November & 8th - 11th February

A Golden Cup floats through the sky.
It is being filled with liquid which is being spewed from the mouth of a cloud-shaped
cherub above in the sky.
The chalice never overflows but contains the drink of all knowledge.
It is decorated with 2 dark red stones like drops of blood.

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16 S               3 of Clubs    Equivalent to 10 34' Scorpio - 13 50' Scorpio & 16 10' Aquarius - 19 26' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 3rd - 6th November & 5th - 8th February

An abundant bush which contains many different berries.
They are ripe and contain the juices of many differing aspects of life.
They must be picked and taken,
even though there is a risk attached as we do not know what aspect each contains.
If they are not picked now then they will be wasted.

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17 S                4 of Clubs    Equivalent to 13 51' Scorpio - 17 16' Scorpio & 12 44' Aquarius - 16 09' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 6th - 10th November & 2nd - 5th February

There is an obstacle course full of terrible dangers.
We must pass through it as part of our journey.
To the outer eye it is impossible and holds many traps.
With great faith we cross it with no fear and are untouched by its dangers.
It is in a forest and night is approaching.

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18 S                5 of Clubs    Equivalent to 17 17' Scorpio - 20 56' Scorpio & 9 04' Aquarius -12 43' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 10th - 13th November &  29th January - 2nd February

A volcano is spewing red hot larval and fire.
The opening becomes the bringer of Life, giving birth as it pushes and pushes to bring out a being.
This being is a hideous fool carrying a club.
He is thrust out and then from the top of his head, splitting him in two, there emerges another man, more refined.
From his crown there is then born a woman, queenlike.
This process goes on and on, bringing forth plants and animals - all life.
Until finally from a rock there emerges a spark, inextinguishable and glowing.
Life starts to bloom around the volcano.
It is full of vitality.

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19 S                6 of Clubs    Equivalent to 20 57' Scorpio - 24 53' Scorpio & 5 07' Aquarius - 9 03' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 13th - 17th November & 25th - 29th January

A serpent entwined around a very long tall tree trunk reaching upward towards the sky.
At the top the leaves quiver.  They hold secrets.
To arrive there we must enter through the snake's body.
It is an ecstatic journey.  An awakening of kundalini energy.
Great joy.

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20 S                7 of Clubs    Equivalent to 24 54' Scorpio - 29 15' Scorpio & 0 45' Aquarius - 5 06' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 17th - 22nd November  & 21st - 25th January

A bright crescent moon with a dark moon beneath on the horizon of the ocean which ripples in a triangular formation.
A great sense of joy (almost ecstasy) at being able to step into the water and swim into the unknown.
Overcoming fear.
To reach the horizon you must first leave the safety of the shore.

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21 S                8 of Clubs    Equivalent to 2916' Scorpio - 4 03' Sagittarius & 25 47' Capricorn - 0 44' Aquarius

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 22nd - 26th November  & 16th - 21st January

A gateway.
We choose to enter in - once we enter, there is no return.
Inside we find a gaping chasm.  We must choose to stay or find a way to cross.
There is no way but we choose to try.
Once we make this choice, a chariot appears.
It is driven by a ghostly driver.
We enter the chariot which flies across.
We have entered where few are brave enough to try.
A golden city lies ahead and we are welcomed as a hero.
This is where we belong.

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22 S                9 of Clubs    Equivalent to 4 14' Sagittarius - 10 16' Sagittarius & 19 44' Capricorn - 25 46' Capricorn

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 26th November - 2nd December  & 10th - 16th January

There is a waterfall, fast and heavy, falling straight down in a vertical line, crashing down below.
It is at the edge of the world which is covered with the seas.
These waters are pulled to the edge where they pour over taking all signs of life with them until all is swept away over the void.
What is left is a blackness as the moon releases its pull and becomes calm and life is ready to be renewed.

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23 S                10 of Clubs    Equivalent to 10 17' Sagittarius - 19 03' Sagittarius & 10 57' Capricorn - 19 43' Capricorn

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 2nd - 11th December & 2nd - 10th January

An arched gateway leading into a dark courtyard.
The atmosphere is gloomy.
We enter the castle and inside it is filled with hooded figures in black.
All around is dark.  Then we arrive at a room.
Inside lies a woman on a bed, eyes closed.  Her hair is long and touches the ground.
She is in white and radiates a glowing bright light all around her,
in contrast to the dark figures surrounding her.
It is silent.

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24 S               JACK OF CLUBS    Equivalent to 19 04' Sagittarius - 29 59' Sagittarius & 0 00' Capricorn - 10 56' Capricorn

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 11th - 22nd December & 22nd December - 2nd January.   22 days continuous

A golden sceptre with an orb spinning in space.
The background is pure white and nothing else exists;
a sense of infinity and perpetual motion.

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