By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman


8N                                                8th degree NORTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 8th – 10th April  & 2nd – 5th September

Equivalent to   17°50' Aries -  20°27´ Aries & 9°33´ Virgo  - 12°10´ Virgo


 SHAMANIC SYMBOL                                   

A man with a pointed beard and gauntleted hand holds a ball of light.

For a while he gazes at it, then he crushes it, breaking it into fragments which turn

into butterflies scattering away. Thousands of them swarm upwards filling the air

with light. Brighter and brighter until it is too brilliant to see.

In the greatest light we are as blind as if it is dark.

Then the butterflies turn into birds as they get higher. The birds fly upwards

towards the heavens where they become black and join together to create darkness.

On the ground there remains a fragment of light which had dropped when the ball was crushed.

It grows brighter and fills the Earth with radiance.

The expression on the man does not change.


Keywords: Radiance   Scattering   Ascension   Fulfilment   Hope  

Light path   Belief in oneself



You are asked to be a Torch-bearer of the greater vision, holding the Light so that others may see. All around us in nature are aspects of this light. We have only to look, the radiance is everywhere, Above and Below, in the life that abounds. Become the embodiment of this radiance. This is the light that gives birth to the planet and illuminates all that is Divine. The scattered light is the seed of the stars and galaxies from the beginning of the cosmos. It is still reflected within us. Within each one of us is this spark. It is that which gives us life. Fan this flame to let it grow until it fills your whole being. Then you will join with others as scattered particles of light, which together give brilliant radiance to the planet. Just as the light of the stars comes from long distant past, the light that you are now giving out will be the light that shines on for Eternity.

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7 N                                             7th degree NORTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 5th –  8th April  & 5th - 7th September                                      

Equivalent to 5°14´ Aries  -  17°49´ Aries & 12°11´ Virgo  -  14°46´ Virgo




There is a mountain which spouts fire.

A volcano which is pouring molten liquid in silence

A group of people gather around, they are each alone in the crowd, watching, waiting.

As the fire touches them they become frozen, like dolls, their hands stretching out to hold a flame.

Nothing is moving except the flow of the fiery liquid which pours over them

becoming solid. Their eyes are staring unmoving at the volcano. This is the moment.

Then arising from the centre of the volcano, there appears a feathered red tree,

reaching for the sky.


KEY WORDS:  Stillness   Radiance   Transformation   Adjustment   Preparation   Merging   Purification   



This is your connection point to the fiery Sun. Look at the moment. Will you flow with the fire or remain frozen. This is a time of purification and transformation. What will rise from the ashes? This is the fire that destroys to renew. Look at the stillness, what is it telling you? The Sun is spreading its solar wings. Bask in the radiance.           

During this major shift every part of your being is undergoing transformation.  You are engulfed by the power of the SunGod, you are a child of the Sun. This is a time for mystical reunion with the Source. Open your hands to burn the light in your palms, open your heart to the moment of Ascension. Radiate universal love in all your thoughts and actions.  The limitless fire of Life is pouring over you, flow with its currents. This is true light. It is time to release past karma and to retrieve lost parts of the self.

Remember that at every moment you are at the Source of All that is.

At this time draw energy from the sunrise, storing it within you like a battery. Reach out towards this sunrise.


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6 N                                  6th degree NORTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  2nd – 5th April & 7th – 10th September

Equivalent to 12°39´ Aries - 15°13´ Aries & 14°45´ Virgo - 17°21´ Virgo




A large crowd gathers around a hill. All is silent and the air is heavy with expectation.

Even the birds are silent

Then from the crown of hill there starts to rise a tower, getting higher and higher.

Nobody moves or speaks. The tower shines of silver: around the top hovers a mist of  swirling colours, becoming a heat mist fading into the sky.

A few of the crowd start to move towards the hill, through a concealed door. Others just stand watching.

I then realise that this tower is a rocket with people entering.

They have been waiting for this.

Others continue to wait, watching, not moving at all.

The expectation builds up as more people enter, then the rocket smoothly glides upwards, shooting colours from all around, gleaming of silver as it flashes upwards.

The crowd shows no expression as they watch until no sign remains.

It is still silent.



KEYWORDS: Concealment  Anticipation   Being prepared   Hidden forces  



For how long have you been concealing your light? Those who carry the light are now being called upon. What signals are you being given? Look around you, the signs are telling you that it is time to prepare. To take the opportunity when it arises.

Are you ready for that moment. Your evolution is being accelerated. Prepare to feel the rush as you accelerate to a different frequency. There you will witness the sacred opening of the celestial portals. Many will prepare to move through at this time whilst others wait and watch. Do you have the courage to take the steps now being offered? It may be many lifetimes before this chance will come again.

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5 N                                        5th degree NORTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 31st March – 2nd April & 10th – 13th September Equivalent to 10°06´ Aries - 2°38´ Aries & 17°22´ Virgo - 19°54´ Virgo


At the centre of a rose lies a maze. She draws us in with her perfume. When you enter, this becomes a spiral going deeper and deeper within. A feathery softness strokes us as we move through. A silence covers us as we become one with the scent .
We follow it through and find ourselves inside a mound, shaped like a pregnant belly.
We are to enter through the umbilicus. We know the way for we have been here many times before. Here we find the place of Truth, Beauty and Unity, where we wait like a seed waiting to be reborn.

KEYWORDS: Fertility  Truth  Beauty Unity  Source  Opening  Rebirth


You have entered the place between lifetimes. Are you ready to be reborn? Savour this moment of true serenity; what you absorb now will be carried with you into the next phase of your cycle. This is a place where only Now exists. The seed carries within it the knowledge of what you will become.
Each of us has our centre from where we came into this world. Trace the path the spirit took to join the physical. What is at the heart of the spirit. Now you are at the place of Centre. Where what has Been will also Be, and what will Be has also Been

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4º N                                       4th degree NORTH

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 28th - 31st March & 13th - 15th September             Equivalent to   7° 33´ Aries - 10°05´ Aries &  19°55´ Virgo - 22°27´ Virgo


A glowing crest full of symbols.
A shield held high.
Protection in entering other realms.
Light in spiritual darkness.
Nothing can harm whilst possessing this.
Moving through into new territory.
With this shield it is possible to penetrate the frozen depths.
To plunge through the impenetrable ice and retrieve the fading heart of the earth. Blowing life back into it.
The winds come to join us and their breath restores a pulse to the slow beat
It is time for the sun to warm the earth and new life to open once again.

KEYWORDS:  Life force   Penetration  Revival  Rhythm  Protection   Light   Being part of the natural flow




Here is revealed the purpose of our Journey of the Sun, to retrieve the fading heart of the earth. The earth then responds to your energy and thus begins a beautiful flow.

It is time to awaken the new frequencies, within yourself and within Gaia.

Create your mental shield by constructing it with images from your spiritual journey. This is not just a personal guard but also reflects your energy outward to where healing is needed. Then you can step into the new realms.

 You are being called at this moment to breathe life back into the earth. To become one with its heartbeat.  As you breathe life into the earth, you in return will receive the life force of the Mother herself . Go and lie upon the earth. Feel her heartbeat, until you resonate together. Together we can create the light which pierces the darkness.

You may want to draw or create your actual shield and its images. It is a good time to reflect upon your own journey.

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3º N                                       3rd degree NORTH 

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 26th - 28th March & 15th - 18th September              Equivalent to 5°02´ Aries - 7°32´ Aries & 22°28´ Virgo - 24°58´ Virgo


At last the golden key has appeared. But where is the door it fits.
People are looking up into the sky, gasping in awe as the key reveals itself.
It shines and illuminates all around it. But it is a key without an apparent door.
It is gold with a knotted pattern around the top holding rubies and other precious stones.
All can see the key yet none can touch it.
There is no sense of finding the door it fits, a total unawareness of any purpose except its beauty.
When it appears a gentle humming follows, inaudible to most ears.
Way, way below the earth, through darkness and decay, lay the ruins of an ancient civilisation still solid and waiting for the return, for the remembrance. In a hidden corner stands a door, old and locked, awaiting a key.

KEYWORDS: Looking beyond   Offering   Awareness   Return   Release



How long have we been waiting for the key to the ancient mystery? So long that we have forgotten what we have been waiting to see revealed. There is a vast knowledge already out there just waiting to be discovered Look within yourself and you will find that it has always been there.

You are being given the opportunity to find the key that reveals your soul purpose. A purpose which has been buried for many lifetimes. Many are offered the key which unlocks great secrets, yet are lost and unable recognise that which is beyond Beauty: - Truth. The truth is so simple. What can you see? Look beyond the appearance and you will find true purpose lies beneath the surface.

 Here is the key which fits your inner soul. Now it can be released and the answer which you have yearned for can be found. Open the door to another world. It has been waiting.

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2º N                                  2nd degree NORTH

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 23rd -26th  March & 18th - 20th September   Equivalent to   2°31´ Aries -  5°01´Aries & 24°59´ Virgo- 27°29´ Virgo


A turtle is climbing slowly out of the water. Five drops fall from his shell.
Each drop is golden and heavy. Where it falls to the ground a tree sprouts, each beautiful and different.
These are special trees of the five senses that he is giving to Mankind.
As we pluck from each one we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell in turn.
The scent is overpowering, very narcotic, and we drift into a deep sleep.
It is as if our souls are being drawn into the earth. We are heavy.
Above us spin webs of vibrant colours moving so that they weave our dreams.
In our dream we are aware of some other gift being offered.
We seek to grasp it but have lost our memory of what it is.
It seems lost, yet it is within our reach if we choose to look into the centre of our being.

KEYWORDS: Offerings   Centre    Purpose   Sensuality   Remembering   Seeking     


We are now at the centre of our being, the centre of the self from which we may generate a web of light and truth. Through this web we may also draw light into our own bodies, calling this energy in through our senses. Allow your senses to bask in the universe around you. Each is a wonderful gift. Yet how often do we really use these precious gifts? How many times do we walk through life unaware of what they can reveal? Go out and experience life from all your senses, as if for the first time. Purposefully allow yourself to experience the wonder of the new world that you encounter. Awaken from your dream and remember. Look into the core of your being and there you will find what you have been searching for. See how it awaits you.  Then you will become aware of the long forgotten gift waiting to be rediscovered.


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1º N                             1st degree NORTH

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 20th - 23rd March & 21st - 23rd September             Equivalent to  0°01´ Aries -  2 °30´ Aries &  27°30´ Virgo - 29°59´ Virgo


An eagle shoots like an arrow across the sky.
The sky behind him glows pink.
A dark crescent moon follows him trying to draw him back.
He must reach the safety of the highest snow capped mountain, which he reaches.
Now he can rest. It is time to survey his journey and contemplate his position.

 KEYWORDS: New beginnings  Illumination   Vision  Goals   Contemplation



Now you can soar like the eagle whose vision sees far beyond the limits of humanity. This is a time of new beginnings, a new dawn, a time to energise your spirit and allow it to expand as it lifts the collective consciousness. Take this opportunity and soar bravely out towards your highest goal. Then you will reach new heights as you move towards the illumination of the Sun.           

What is stopping you, what is pulling you back? Now is the time to release all that is tying you to the past, Awaken, know your strength, believe in your vision Deep within you is the knowledge of your goal, impossible though it may seem. Choose the highest peak, do not hesitate for now is the time to achieve. Only then you can look back. Then, you will become aware of your achievements and let them become the foundation of all that will be.     

When each of us holds that positive vision, then the miracle can happen.

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The Aces of Hearts and Spades begin the journey of the Sun from the
Equinoxes at the first degrees North and South of the Celestial Equator.
In both cases the energy depicted is an animal one.

The Ace of Hearts (1st degree North) is an Eagle, the Ace of Spades (1st degree South) is a Fish. Interestingly the Northward degree (Ace of Hearts) has the energy reaching upwards, (the eagle “must reach.. .the highest snow-capped mountain”), while the Southward degree (Ace of Spades) has the energy moving downwards, (“swimming downwards into a cave”).

These two degrees contain the essence of the subsequent 6-month journeys of the Sun. The first is from the Spring Equinox to the Autumn Equinox (that is, the summer journey) which starts and ends in the 1st degree North
- the Ace of Hearts. The second is the winter journey from Autumn Equinox to Spring Equinox, which starts and ends in the first degree South - the Ace of Spades.

In contrast to the soaring eagle of the summer journey, the essence of the winter journey beginning in late September at the Autumn Equinox is that of a Fish swimming downwards into a cave and entering an Egg (Ace of Spades). The whole imagery here is deep and fluid. Unlike the straightforward arrow-like Eagle, the Sun’s winter journey is depicted as a changeable, mutating one. “A line from a spiral. changes into a Fish which.. .changes into an eel which in turn develops ribbon-flowing tentacles...”. As the energy flows downwards it spirals gracefully, twisting and turning with the underwater currents. In effect it is adapting to the energies around it and this describes the winter Sun which is noticeably more passive, more Yin, than the summer Eagle with its need for a consciously exerted force to reach its goal.

The goal of the winter Sun is to reach the conception of the year at the darkest phase of midwinter. One is reminded of Kneph the Serpent (eel) in the Egyptian Book of the Dead who produced the cosmic egg from its mouth. It was from the egg that Ra the Sun-god was hatched, and this is symbolised by the Ace of Spades reaching the “cave under the water” and the hatching of new energy in the depths as the Fish “emerges (from the cave) and swims out through the top of an egg-shaped globe”. It will then gradually swim slowly and gracefully back to the surface light as the days lengthen from the winter solstice towards the point of the spring equinox. The whole imagery of eggs and fish and water is of the Sun in a more lunar realm. It is required to react to the currents it encounters on its winter journey more than force its kingship on them. It is in a more contemplative, reflective mode, not required to fire the land with growth but to lie low and allow things to take their course. The Fish is an ancient symbol of the wisdom of the unconscious.

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1ºS                          1st degree SOUTH

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 17th - 20th March & 23rd - 26th September Equivalent to 0°01´ Libra - 2°30´ Libra & 27°30´ Pisces - 29°59´ Pisces


A line from a spiral moves and changes into a fish which swims through a spiral wave and changes into an eel which in turn develops ribbon-flowing tentacles, wafting through the water, swimming with grace and ease, at one.
It then swims downwards into a cave where it emerges and swims out through the top of an egg-shaped globe.
KEY WORDS: Life force Fluidity alignment

Learn to flow freely in the moment, to change at will. Life is an ever moving spiral. Know that your purpose is to be aligned with the source. Feel the energy moving through you. Here lies the wisdom of your unconscious. Within you there is a code of your potential. Align to this path, as you become reborn.
As part of the realignment your body’s vibration is becoming less dense. These new frequencies may bring changes to your nervous system and new sensitivity as the electromagnetic system surrounding your auric field is intensified. Do not resist but adapt to these changes.
Do not be afraid, as these changes occur a new reality is born, the mind is restored. Release judgements. Accept all things unconditionally, forgiving yourself and others.

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2ºS                         2nd degree SOUTH

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 15th -17th March & 26th - 28th September Equivalent to 2°31´ Libra - 5°01´ Libra & 24°59´ Pisces - 27°29´ Pisces
A maypole with dancers, all going in opposite directions but this is what makes the dance.
Weaving the pattern of life. This can only be achieved by allowing each person to
move to their own steps and in their own direction.
There is a sense of celebration of Life, if we are allowed our own rhythm but work together.
We must allow each other to dance to our own steps.

KEYWORDS: Acceptance of others Flow Celebration


This is the magnificent dance of Universal Peace. How beautiful the patterns that are woven, when we accept the steps of others. There are no right and no wrong steps, only the flow. Then the dancers create a new energy, the ebb and flow of life. There is much to celebrate. Look around you. What is opposing you? Dance with it and around it. For this is the way true harmony lies. Look at the polarities within you and around you. This is a time when polarities unite in truth. The most beautiful weavings are made from opposing threads. If you are facing challenge, with others or within yourself, dance rather than struggle. This is the way to harmony. We are beautiful in our differences.

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3ºS                           3rd degree SOUTH

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 12th -15th March & 28th - 1st October Equivalent to 5°02´ Libra - 7°32´ Libra & 22°28´ Pisces - 24°58´ Pisces
A maze rises from the ground hovering in the mist. Many travellers are lost.
A man with a sword anxiously tries to guide them, preventing them from entering certain paths.
The barriers are made of mist yet are impenetrable.
There seems to be no way out, until it can be realised that the way in is by entering through other dimensions.
Yet this they are unable to see. So on and on, the knight does his work, moving people onto different paths that all lead nowhere.
Yet to step through only requires the power of thought - a journey of the Spirit - and the mistways open into welcoming light and direct pathways.
It is time to take that mind step now.
The moment is now and it may be many lifetimes before the way becomes clear once more.

KEYWORDS: Divine guidance Barriers

How have you constructed your reality? Is it a reality made up of restrictions and barriers? You may have created these to protect yourself yet the armour and the shield prevent energy from flowing through you. These become barriers to our soul’s journey. Things are the way they are because that is how you believe them to be. Let go of the belief. The only true belief is that all things are possible. All that is needed is the leap into the unknown, Trust; there is divine guidance, loving hands to catch you. Let go of your fixed belief systems. Hesitate and you will be lost.
There are many different realms and dimensions, each evolving continually.

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