By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman



4ºS                                           4th degree SOUTH                                                                                    

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 10th -12th March & 1st  - 3rd October        Equivalent to 7°33´ Libra - 10°05´ Libra & 19°55' Pisces - 22°27´ Pisces             


A white-robed figure lies horizontally on a platform.
Besides him a man/woman/creature in an Egyptian headdress is playing a long instrument like a flute. It is a rigid snake and from its body comes many different vibrations streaming upwards.

The body of the man then starts to rise, still horizontal, hovering in the air.
The musician still plays. There is stillness. Across it all also hovers a large Eye and on the ground is a large ankh. The vibrations around the snake's body can be seen physically moving and intertwining.

KEYWORDS:  Choice    Discovery   Unseen forces

INTERPRETATION                                                                                                  All around you are unseen forces. Know that you are much more in control of your life than you have been led to believe. Even if things around you seem to be falling apart, it is time to let go and to trust, going deeper within. Often there is no choice but to let go, yet at other times we must make a conscious choice to do so. See what remains when you have dissolved your attachments to the ego and whoever you think you are. This leads to the discovery of the true self. You are being offered the chance to release and rise and revealing the true ‘I am’. 

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S                                              5th degree SOUTH                                                                                 

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  7th - 10th March & 3rd - 6th October        Equivalent to 10°06´ Libra - 12°38´ Libra & 17°22´ Pisces - 19°54´ Pisces             



It is time to fly through the air, soaring as high as we can go. We are going beyond the Sun, we are birds moving higher and higher beyond the light, until all is soft. We have no feathers, we become the light that glows, not burns. All is soft and unmoving. It is time to rest, to become part of heaven. We find the last white feather and send it floating gently down towards the earth.

KEYWORDS:  Bliss    Love    Release



“See you caught the feather we sent to you. What will you do now? Come fly with us higher and higher. You are “as light as love”

Dare you fly, through the portal,beyond the bounds? You are being offered the gift. Will you take it? What is holding you down?  It is your earthly burdens which stop you from flying. Let go. As you enter the new realms you will release all pain from earthly concerns. All will be dissolved by the light. Experience the Bliss. Then you may return “as light as love”

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6ºS                                           6th degree SOUTH                                                                                       

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 4th - 7th March & 6th - 9th October             Equivalent to 12°39´ Libra - 15°13´ Libra & 14°45´ Pisces - 17°21´ Pisces             


We are in the wild woods.
There is no way out, we have chosen to be here and must accept the consequences.
Throughout the woods is a maze. Faces are watching from the trees. Faces that have always been watching.
As we try to get through, the trees touch us and push us along, playing a game.
There is no way out.
"You chose to be here," they cry.
Close your eyes and listen. Sound, sound, sound all around. Bells and birds and leaves.
Suddenly I am in a glade of sunlight surrounded by trees and know that it is time to dance.
With eyes closed I dance, for days and nights, making patterns in the earth, weaving the web, dancing the dance of Life.
There is silence. The way out is upwards.
I reach upwards and am lifted higher and higher

KEY WORDS:  Awareness   Direction   Challenge    Choice     



This is your Journey of Choice. As a Spiritual warrior you have chosen to be here. As you move, follow the senses of your feet. Receive this information into your body. There are no maps; each step is walked only once. The earth around you is alive. It is your awareness of it that affects the knowledge it will offer. Dance and through your movement create the Mandala which lifts your spirit to the heavens. Here energy forms the pattern to move by, the pattern of your evolution. Follow the mystery and let the pattern unfold. Use your senses to understand all around you. This dance is your self-healing. It is at the heart of the Labyrinth that spiritual enlightenment may be found. Be part of both Heaven and Earth. Then the message will be spoken to you. What appears as a challenge is also a priceless gift. Accept it now.  

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S                                             7th degree SOUTH                                                                                   

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 2nd - 4th March & 9th  - 11th October       Equivalent to 15°14´ Libra - 17°49´ Libra & 12°11´ Pisces - 14°46´  Pisces            



A feather with its fronds spread open, floats like a snowflake downwards.
It represents serenity and has been sent from above as a gift.
It moves slowly towards the Earth but remains suspended during this time,
always upright.


KEYWORDS:   Serenity   Opportunity    Moment    Gift



Oh the peace you are being offered! This moment. Do not look away. How many times are you offered a gift only to walk away unable to see or sense what is there before you? All around you, at many moments these offerings appear but we are too blinkered to see. Take it now. This is but a moment.


“See how slow I move so that you may catch me. Why do you hesitate can you not trust that you are being offered such a gift? Will catch you me now?

See the serenity around you. It is moving towards your grasp. Take it, it is yours.”

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8S                                  8th degree SOUTH           


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 28th February - 2nd March & 11th - 14th October

Equivalent to 17°50´ Libra - 20°27´ Libra& 9°33´ Pisces - 12°10´ Pisces                                




A woman in rags sits outside in the snow.

Her head is covered with a shawl and in her hands she holds a golden disc which seems to burn through her. All around people hurry past but are oblivious to her and cannot see beyond the rags, that she is indeed holding something most precious.

When we look closely her eyes are closed and she is in the otherworld.


KEY WORDS:  Healing   Release   Offerings   Awakening




Look beyond the surface, look beyond this world. Believe in yourself. In your hurry to fulfill your purpose beware of forgetting simplicity. You are offered the gift of your healing, if you will awaken to what is beyond.  Especially at this time, be aware of what is precious in the everyday. Look around with new eyes. Through this you will receive the signs and answers to your present concerns. Let go of any rigid belief systems and see the larger picture. Through this you shall release past lifetimes and karma, as shadow and light become one. The energy of the Life force is in your hands.

What is the gift that you have brought into this world? You are now being offered the life force which is your birthright. What are you willing to give in return?  How can you work with others to release this gift?  To what or who do you feel an affinity?

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9S                                9th degree SOUTH               


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 14th - 16th October & 26th - 28th February

Equivalent to 20°28´ Libra - 23°08´ Libra & 6°52´ Pisces - 9°32´ Pisces                                         




Now is a release, a joy, our feet are like feathers as we float, as we fly, allowing ourselves to touch and merge. It is a meeting of ecstasy, a oneness at the end of a journey.

The work has been completed, a balance has been found.

We can fly; we can swirl. That is joy, as we swirl upwards and spiral down.

Now we can move at will. Arms and bodies part of each other. Breath joined. Let us go.

We are Nothing.

We are Everything.



KEY WORDS:  Global Consciousness  Balance  Oneness  Release  Awakening




This is the doorway to great change, the beginning of Planetary Ascension. We are all members of One Global Family and you are being asked to hold this vision to effect change in the planetary consciousness. Remember that your thoughts connect to a greater web. Through these thoughts you create light on earth as you connect with the collective consciousness. You will not be alone in directing this vision. Join with others. Create a grid of light. This is a time of Universal change. Great joy is to be found as you surrender to freedom. Allow yourself to fly.

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10S                                       10th degree SOUTH         


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 23rd - 26th February  & 16th - 19th October

 Equivalent to 23°09´ Libra - 25°51´ Libra & 4°09' Pisces - 6°51´ Pisces                                       




I have a giant brown bear on one side (right) and a stag on my left.

They guide me to an archway made of antlers reaching upwards. As I go through I see a pathway ahead, white with footprints marking the way. I know I must follow and am led by a white stag.

After a long walk, though with no sense of tiring, I reach a place of all kinds of Guardians: Animals, Rocks, Plants.

They are watching me. Here is where all our Guardians wait. I am deeply moved to see them and communicate on a telepathic level. Now ahead of me I see a vast ocean with the Guardians from that world moving through. I step into the deep water.

I am upright, feet first, arms stretched towards the heavens as my body descends into the deep.

Down, down I go with no sense of drowning. No sense of being wet.

As I reach the bottom my body begins to move in an anticlockwise spiral, shooting forwards again.

There is no sense of being unable to breathe.

The water is caressing me and moving my body, stroking it and pushing it forward.

I am moving forwards surrounded by other creatures of the water world, until I come to an underwater cave.

Here I know I am at home. My bear and my stag are waiting once more.

It is like the heartbeat of the Universe and my heart is beating with it, as one.

I am crying, I am so moved. I belong here, yet I feel so unworthy.

It is the heart of the Universe


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10S                                       10th degree SOUTH         




KEYWORDS:  Oneness   Destiny   Purpose   Divine Breath




You have reached the center of all life, the heartbeat of the planet. Let your heart beat as one in rhythm with the Divine. Resonate to its vibration. You are part of the Divine consciousness, uniting Heaven and Earth.  Here the Guardians wait. The Keepers of our Destiny. It is time to meet them and honour their wisdom. Now is the time to receive their message. Allow yourself to bathe in their light.

Nothing is expected of you, only that you draw in their essence. From that moment your life will be enhanced and you will no longer feel alone.

By embracing the essence of who you truly are you will draw towards yourself your true family who you will recognize through a spiritual affinity. You are breathing the same breath, beating with the same heart Know that you have met before. You are brought together to complete your work. Your purpose together was decided long ago.         

Immerse yourself in this moment. This is a time for true serenity. You are Home.


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11 S                            11th degree SOUTH    


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 20th - 23rd February & 19th - 22nd October

Equivalent to 25º52' Libra - 28º38' Libra & 1º22' Pisces - 4º08' Pisces




A cave hidden in a cliff. It is guarded by a wolf. No one will find it.

It is full of treasures hidden many centuries ago.

These are not just valuable as treasure but each holds a special meaning.

They were placed there by a group who intended to return for them, but were destroyed before it was possible. 

Now the secrets lay hidden for eternity.

It is best this way for mankind is not ready to receive this knowledge, and an uncontrollable force would be released.


KEYWORDS:  Truth   Protection   Mission   Divine Plan




You who receive this have been encoded with a great secret, passed on for many generations through your bloodline. It was found that the best way of encoding the secret was in our DNA so that it is carried by many but known by none. You are the wolf who must guard this secret.  Your secret weapon is Truth.

Take care; there are those who seek personal power at the expense of truth. You have heard the call because never has it been more necessary to protect our Earth. It is your mission. Do not be afraid to speak your truth. You will find that you are not alone. You are part of a divine plan and around you in many realities are those who will give you strength.

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12 S                                       12th degree SOUTH



ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 17th - 20th February & 22nd - 24th October

Equivalent to 28º39' Libra - 1º29' Scorpio & 28º31' Aquarius - 1º21' Pisces




A raven is flying across the sun.

He shows up like a black silhouette against the brightness of the sun.

He flies so close to the sun that his wings become tinged with gold at the tips.

He knows that he now belongs with the Gods.



KEY WORDS:  Transformation   Joy    Beauty   Life




Take flight and allow yourself to touch the heart of life. This is not a time to be afraid. It is time to dare, to dazzle others and show your brightness. Dance with the Gods and feel the heat of Life filling your every part. Transform every part of yourself. Seek beauty and breathe it into your soul. From this moment you will contain an inner secret. A golden auric light surrounds you. Let the filaments from this light reach to the heavens. Bring your entire being into attunement with the sacred fire. Through unconditional love you lift the consciousness of humanity.  Now you may fly to new heights of ecstasy.

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13 S                                       13th degree SOUTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 15th - 17th February &24th - 28th October

Equivalent to 1º30' Scorpio - 4º24' Scorpio & 25º36' Aquarius - 28º30' Aquarius




Through a square doorway I see a man dressed in a blue cloak.

He is holding his hand palm outwards, on which is revealed many symbols.

As I move through the door and get closer I see the symbols start to move. They are changing shape across his palm, the black lines wriggling like insects, alive. His face and body are still, but he is calling me with his eyes.

Around his body his cloak starts to move, wrapping itself around him or spreading out. 

It is powder blue and the sky is the same colour. It is as if a piece of the sky is enfolding him.

All the time his eyes are calling and drawing me nearer to learn the secrets of the signs.

Yet I know that this is a place to go only when you know that you are prepared to give up everything in this realm, and release hold.


KEYWORDS:  Remembrance   Belonging  Wisdom  Listening                                                  




Encoded around you is a sacred language, a language sensed through vibration and energy. Listen, see and feel its tones and you will be given the gift of Remembrance. A remembrance of who you truly are and where you truly belong. You do not have to understand this language, just become it. It is the Language of Light which is being offered to you. Receive it now and you will understand its tones.

Listen to chants, overtones and harmonics, and seek access to the Divine, until your soul itself vibrates with the sound of the Universe. Then you will remember.

Who is the Man in the Blue cloak? It is the blue of the Cathars? 

You are being given a great secret. Do you feel the pull in your heart. Do you feel the yearning to be enveloped in the cloak? Is it time to answer the call? Are you prepared to give up everything and receive a greater gift in return? You will receive the wisdom of lifetimes.

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14 S                            14th degree SOUTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 12th - 14th February &28th - 31st October Equivalent to 4º25' Scorpio - 7º25' Scorpio & 22º35' Aquarius - 25º35' Aquarius                                   



The Moon is dripping blood to feed the Earth, which is calling out for nourishment.

All is destroyed and burnt except for a green shoot starting to push itself through the debris.

A moaning sound comes from deep within the Earth. It is creaking and groaning and all the stars weep. 

The noise becomes louder and louder, a deafening pitch.

It is unbearable and we must wait many moons for it to fade.


KEYWORDS:  Primal Source   Nourishment   Vibration



It is the dark night of the soul for Mankind, yet it is also the time for the greatest possible growth, to receive true nourishment. The deafening sound echoes the vibration of the start of Life.  This is the birthplace of Light, Sound, Form and Space. All has been cleared in preparation for new growth of life and spirit. A time for vitality is forthcoming. When you hear the cry do not back away. Our response is to nourish and offer healing. To hold the energy of love and transmit it so that the wound becomes healed. With this we can renew the earth. It is crying out to you. You are being directly connected to the primal source.

There are many who work to cause pain to Mother Earth. Some consciously, others unconsciously. Create your own healing space and send out the Light. Remember that you are not alone in your grief and sorrow about what is happening to our beautiful planet. There are many besides you. Go out, add nourishment to the earth, scatter seeds and plant bulbs on barren sites. Create compost. Be part of the great cycle of life. Remember that decay also brings nourishment.

Life now is calling on you to patient.  Do not allow yourself to feel helpless. It is amazing what steps can be taken if you persevere until the time is ripe. You are asked to go beneath the surface, to plumb your primal depths to find the nourishment for which you yearn. To look at the yearning within yourself. Where is your own pain coming from? In allowing your own healing you give healing to the earth.

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