By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman



8S                                  8th degree SOUTH           

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 28th February - 2nd March & 11th - 14th October

Equivalent to 17°50´ Libra - 20°27´ Libra& 9°33´ Pisces - 12°10´ Pisces                                




A woman in rags sits outside in the snow.

Her head is covered with a shawl and in her hands she holds a golden disc which seems to burn through her. All around people hurry past but are oblivious to her and cannot see beyond the rags, that she is indeed holding something most precious.

When we look closely her eyes are closed and she is in the otherworld.


KEY WORDS:  Healing   Release   Offerings   Awakening




Look beyond the surface, look beyond this world. Believe in yourself. In your hurry to fulfill your purpose beware of forgetting simplicity. You are offered the gift of your healing, if you will awaken to what is beyond.  Especially at this time, be aware of what is precious in the everyday. Look around with new eyes. Through this you will receive the signs and answers to your present concerns. Let go of any rigid belief systems and see the larger picture. Through this you shall release past lifetimes and karma, as shadow and light become one. The energy of the Life force is in your hands.

What is the gift that you have brought into this world? You are now being offered the life force which is your birthright. What are you willing to give in return?  How can you work with others to release this gift?  To what or who do you feel an affinity?

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S                                             7th degree SOUTH                                                                                 

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 2nd - 4th March & 9th  - 11th October       Equivalent to 15°14´ Libra - 17°49´ Libra & 12°11´ Pisces - 14°46´  Pisces            



A feather with its fronds spread open, floats like a snowflake downwards.
It represents serenity and has been sent from above as a gift.
It moves slowly towards the Earth but remains suspended during this time,
always upright.


KEYWORDS:   Serenity   Opportunity    Moment    Gift



Oh the peace you are being offered! This moment. Do not look away. How many times are you offered a gift only to walk away unable to see or sense what is there before you? All around you, at many moments these offerings appear but we are too blinkered to see. Take it now. This is but a moment.


“See how slow I move so that you may catch me. Why do you hesitate can you not trust that you are being offered such a gift? Will catch you me now?

See the serenity around you. It is moving towards your grasp. Take it, it is yours.”

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6ºS                                           6th degree SOUTH                                                                                      

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 4th - 7th March & 6th - 9th October             Equivalent to 12°39´ Libra - 15°13´ Libra & 14°45´ Pisces - 17°21´ Pisces             


We are in the wild woods.
There is no way out, we have chosen to be here and must accept the consequences.
Throughout the woods is a maze. Faces are watching from the trees. Faces that have always been watching.
As we try to get through, the trees touch us and push us along, playing a game.
There is no way out.
"You chose to be here," they cry.
Close your eyes and listen. Sound, sound, sound all around. Bells and birds and leaves.
Suddenly I am in a glade of sunlight surrounded by trees and know that it is time to dance.
With eyes closed I dance, for days and nights, making patterns in the earth, weaving the web, dancing the dance of Life.
There is silence. The way out is upwards.
I reach upwards and am lifted higher and higher

KEY WORDS:  Awareness   Direction   Challenge    Choice     



This is your Journey of Choice. As a Spiritual warrior you have chosen to be here. As you move, follow the senses of your feet. Receive this information into your body. There are no maps; each step is walked only once. The earth around you is alive. It is your awareness of it that affects the knowledge it will offer. Dance and through your movement create the Mandala which lifts your spirit to the heavens. Here energy forms the pattern to move by, the pattern of your evolution. Follow the mystery and let the pattern unfold. Use your senses to understand all around you. This dance is your self-healing. It is at the heart of the Labyrinth that spiritual enlightenment may be found. Be part of both Heaven and Earth. Then the message will be spoken to you. What appears as a challenge is also a priceless gift. Accept it now.  

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S                                              5th degree SOUTH                                                                                  

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  7th - 10th March & 3rd - 6th October        Equivalent to 10°06´ Libra - 12°38´ Libra & 17°22´ Pisces - 19°54´ Pisces            



It is time to fly through the air, soaring as high as we can go. We are going beyond the Sun, we are birds moving higher and higher beyond the light, until all is soft. We have no feathers, we become the light that glows, not burns. All is soft and unmoving. It is time to rest, to become part of heaven. We find the last white feather and send it floating gently down towards the earth.

KEYWORDS:  Bliss    Love    Release



“See you caught the feather we sent to you. What will you do now? Come fly with us higher and higher. You are “as light as love”

Dare you fly, through the portal,beyond the bounds? You are being offered the gift. Will you take it? What is holding you down?  It is your earthly burdens which stop you from flying. Let go. As you enter the new realms you will release all pain from earthly concerns. All will be dissolved by the light. Experience the Bliss. Then you may return “as light as love”

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4ºS                                           4th degree SOUTH                                                                                    

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 10th -12th March & 1st  - 3rd October        Equivalent to 7°33´ Libra - 10°05´ Libra & 19°55' Pisces - 22°27´ Pisces             


A white-robed figure lies horizontally on a platform.
Besides him a man/woman/creature in an Egyptian headdress is playing a long instrument like a flute. It is a rigid snake and from its body comes many different vibrations streaming upwards.
The body of the man then starts to rise, still horizontal, hovering in the air.
The musician still plays. There is stillness. Across it all also hovers a large Eye and on the ground is a large ankh. The vibrations around the snake's body can be seen physically moving and intertwining.

KEYWORDS:  Choice    Discovery   Unseen forces


 All around you are unseen forces. Know that you are much more in control of your life than you have been led to believe. Even if things around you seem to be falling apart, it is time to let go and to trust, going deeper within. Often there is no choice but to let go, yet at other times we must make a conscious choice to do so. See what remains when you have dissolved your attachments to the ego and whoever you think you are. This leads to the discovery of the true self. You are being offered the chance to release and rise and revealing the true ‘I am’. 

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3ºS                                           3rd degree SOUTH                                                                                    

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 12th -15th March & 28th  - 1st October      Equivalent to 5°02´ Libra - 7°32´ Libra &  22°28´ Pisces - 24°58´ Pisces              


A maze rises from the ground hovering in the mist. Many travellers are lost.
A man with a sword anxiously tries to guide them, preventing them from entering certain paths.
The barriers are made of mist yet are impenetrable.
There seems to be no way out, until it can be realised that the way in is by entering through other dimensions.
Yet this they are unable to see. So on and on, the knight does his work, moving people onto different paths that all lead nowhere.
Yet to step through only requires the power of thought - a journey of the Spirit - and the mist-ways open into welcoming light and direct pathways.
It is time to take that mind step now.
The moment is now and it may be many lifetimes before the way becomes clear once more.

KEYWORDS:    Divine guidance   Barriers  



How have you constructed your reality? Is it a reality made up of restrictions and barriers? You may have created these to protect yourself yet the armour and the shield prevent energy from flowing through you.  These become barriers to our soul’s journey. Things are the way they are because that is how you believe them to be. Let go of the belief. The only true belief is that all things are possible. All that is needed is the leap into the unknown, Trust; there is divine guidance, loving hands to catch you. Let go of your fixed belief systems. Hesitate and you will be lost.

There are many different realms and dimensions, each evolving continually.

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2ºS                                            2nd degree SOUTH                                                                                      

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 15th -17th March & 26th  - 28th September Equivalent to 2°31´ Libra - 5°01´ Libra & 24°59´ Pisces - 27°29´ Pisces                


A maypole with dancers, all going in opposite directions but this is what makes the dance.
Weaving the pattern of life. This can only be achieved by allowing each person to
move to their own steps and in their own direction.
There is a sense of celebration of Life, if we are allowed our own rhythm but work together.
We must allow each other to dance to our own steps.


KEYWORDS:   Acceptance of others   Flow    Celebration



This is the magnificent dance of Universal Peace. How beautiful the patterns that are woven, when we accept the steps of others.    There are no right and no wrong steps, only the flow. Then the dancers create a new energy, the ebb and flow of life. There is much to celebrate.                                                                                                Look around you. What is opposing you?  Dance with it and around it. For this is the way true harmony lies.  Look at the polarities within you and around you. This is a time when polarities unite in truth. The most beautiful weavings are made from opposing threads. If you are facing challenge, with others or within yourself, dance rather than struggle. This is the way to harmony. We are beautiful in our differences.

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1ºS                                            1st degree SOUTH                                                                                

ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  17th - 20th March & 23rd  - 26th September Equivalent to 0°01´ Libra - 2°30´ Libra &  27°30´ Pisces - 29°59´ Pisces                     


A line from a spiral moves and changes into a fish which swims through a spiral wave and changes into an eel which in turn develops ribbon-flowing tentacles, wafting through the water, swimming with grace and ease, at one.
It then swims downwards into a cave where it emerges and swims out through the top of an egg-shaped globe.

KEY WORDS:   Life force   Fluidity   alignment




Learn to flow freely in the moment, to change at will. Life is an ever moving spiral. Know that your purpose is to be aligned with the source. Feel the energy moving through you.  Here lies the wisdom of your unconscious. Within you there is a code of your potential. Align to this path, as you become reborn. 

As part of the realignment your body’s vibration is becoming less dense. These new frequencies may bring changes to your nervous system and new sensitivity as the electromagnetic system surrounding your auric field is intensified.  Do not resist but adapt to these changes.

            Do not be afraid, as these changes occur a new reality is born, the mind is restored. Release judgements. Accept all things unconditionally, forgiving yourself and others.

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