By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman


23 S                         23rd degree SOUTH   


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 2nd - 10th January & 2nd - 11th December

Equivalent to 10º 17' Sagittarius - 19º 03' Sagittarius

& 10º 57' Capricorn - 19º 43' Capricorn





An arched gateway leading into a dark courtyard.

The atmosphere is gloomy.  We enter the castle and inside it is filled with hooded figures in black.  All around is dark.  Then we arrive at a room.

Inside lies a woman on a bed, eyes closed.  Her hair is long and touches the ground. She is in white and radiates a glowing bright light all around her, in contrast to the dark figures surrounding her.

It is silent.


KEY WORDS:  Dreams   Hope   Intuition   Light   



Here we meet the Moon maiden, Aphrodite, Isis, Lillith, Owl woman. In the darkness she radiates hope, giving light. There is a dream waiting to be activated. Now is the time to offer the Goddess these dreams so that she may weave them into the threads which connect mankind to the Source. This is Dreamtime, the moment between, waking and sleeping and sleeping and waking. This is the moment to truly enter the Otherworld. In the Dreamfield all things are possible. Here you will find the treasures which are waiting.  Keep a Dreambook in which insights will be revealed.

This is time to meet your Higher Self. 

MEDITATE on the woman radiating light in the darkness. What are her dreams? What are your dreams? What does she radiate?  How can you find the point of contact with her?  Reach out to your Higher Self.

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22 S                            22nd degree SOUTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 10th-16th January & 26th November-2nd December

Equivalent to 4º 14' Sagittarius - 10º 16' Sagittarius

& 19º 44' Capricorn - 25º 46' Capricorn




There is a waterfall, fast and heavy, falling straight down in a vertical line, crashing down below.

It is at the edge of the world, which is covered with the seas.

These waters are pulled to the edge where they pour over, taking all signs of life with them until all is swept away over the void.

What is left is a blackness as the moon releases its pull and becomes calm and life is ready to be renewed.


Keywords:  Cleansing    Irresistible forces    Birth    Primal Source



You are being connected to the Source. Take the opportunity to feel the primordial power of Nature as it moves through your being. You are a drop in the ocean that must join others to become an overwhelming force. You are alone but not alone. This is both the end and the beginning. Surrender to this force and you will receive its nourishment. You are now ready to be born after swimming in the waters of the Mother’s great womb. It is time to find our part in the Unity of the Whole. These forces take us into other dimensions of being as we become One with the Source. It is time to forgive yourself and to forgive others. Align yourself and you will be drawn into the harmony. 

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21 S                            21st degree SOUTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 16th - 21st January & 22nd - 26th November

 Equivalent to 29º16' Scorpio - 4º 03' Sagittarius

& 25º 47' Capricorn - 0º 44' Aquarius                                       




A gateway.

We choose to enter in - once we enter, there is no return.

Inside we find a gaping chasm.  We must choose to stay or find a way to cross.

There is no way but we choose to try.

Once we make this choice, a chariot appears.

It is driven by a ghostly driver.

We enter the chariot, which flies across.  We have entered where few are brave enough to try.  A golden city lies ahead and we are welcomed as a hero.

This is where we belong.


Keywords:  Courage  Trust   Choice   Turning point



It is time to make the quantum leap beyond the confines of the apparent world.

The Golden Radiance is already part of our being; it only waits to be discovered. What are you afraid of?  What is holding you back?

Can you dare to allow yourself to find what you seek? To find this we must gamble our old self and be willing to lose. You will find that what is lost is that which is no longer required.

As you expand your own boundaries you are also closing the boundaries of your limitations. By the removal of your own limits you are able to transform the collective reality of the entire planet.

Ask yourself ‘What do I need to release at this moment’

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20 S                                    20th degree SOUTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  21st - 25th January & 17th - 22nd November

Equivalent to 24º 54' Scorpio - 29º 15' Scorpio

& 0º 45' Aquarius - 5º 06' Aquarius




A bright crescent moon with a dark moon beneath on the horizon of the ocean, which ripples in a triangular formation.

A great sense of joy (almost ecstasy) at being able to step into the water and swim into the unknown.

Overcoming fear.

To reach the horizon you must first leave the safety of the shore.


KEYWORDS:  Nearing ecstasy    Fearlessness    Trust    Seizing the moment



Now is a special moment waiting to be seized. Here is the knowledge that we are being shown our path, it is just a step away. The way is alight. Bathe in the waters of remembrance and you too shall become like this beacon, giving light for others to follow. A vibrational wave of enlightenment energy is moving through the entire planet. Dare you become part of it? You are hearing a long awaited call.

Life is calling you right now to step into its divine flow and receive its blessing. As the ripples of this ocean grow and affect every aspect of your life they also affect the planetary waves. Ride the crest of this wave.

Allow yourself to open to divine connection and you will find that what you have been looking for has always been there. Then the true radiance of self will burst through.

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19 S                              19th degree SOUTH    



ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS:  25th - 29th January & 13th - 17th November

Equivalent to 20º 57' Scorpio - 24º 53' Scorpio

& 5º 07' Aquarius - 9º 03' Aquarius                                          




A serpent entwined around a very long tall tree trunk reaching upward towards the sky.

At the top the leaves quiver.  They hold secrets.  To arrive there we must enter through the snake's body.

It is an ecstatic journey.  An awakening of Kundalini energy.

Great joy.


KEYWORDS:  Awakening   Revelation    Arrival   Joy



This is the great awakening. Something has been stirring around you and within you. At this time the Ascended Masters are awaiting your request for guidance and support. Yet know that you already carry within you the wisdom of the Universe. What seems to be a test is in reality a priceless gift.

Be aware of the heightened vibration in your life. This is the call to remember your life’s purpose, which is seeded in your memory as a long felt dream calling to you. Work with light, colour, sound, energy. Open to your full mystical power. Let its energy surge through you.

Repeat I AM THAT I AM.

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