By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman



23 S                         23rd degree SOUTH   


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 2nd - 10th January & 2nd - 11th December

Equivalent to 10º 17' Sagittarius - 19º 03' Sagittarius

& 10º 57' Capricorn - 19º 43' Capricorn





An arched gateway leading into a dark courtyard.

The atmosphere is gloomy.  We enter the castle and inside it is filled with hooded figures in black.  All around is dark.  Then we arrive at a room.

Inside lies a woman on a bed, eyes closed.  Her hair is long and touches the ground. She is in white and radiates a glowing bright light all around her, in contrast to the dark figures surrounding her.

It is silent.


KEY WORDS:  Dreams   Hope   Intuition   Light   



Here we meet the Moon maiden, Aphrodite, Isis, Lillith, Owl woman. In the darkness she radiates hope, giving light. There is a dream waiting to be activated. Now is the time to offer the Goddess these dreams so that she may weave them into the threads which connect mankind to the Source. This is Dreamtime, the moment between, waking and sleeping and sleeping and waking. This is the moment to truly enter the Otherworld. In the Dreamfield all things are possible. Here you will find the treasures which are waiting.  Keep a Dreambook in which insights will be revealed.

This is time to meet your Higher Self. 

MEDITATE on the woman radiating light in the darkness. What are her dreams? What are your dreams? What does she radiate?  How can you find the point of contact with her?  Reach out to your Higher Self.

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The peak of the Sun’s summer journey is to reach the lofty mountain top while the peak of its winter journey is to enter an underwater egg.


These ‘peaks’ of the Sun are its solstices, standing at approximately 21st June and 20th December each year. They are the Sun’s highest degrees of Declination North and South (24th degrees) and are represented by the Jacks of Diamonds and Clubs in our system.


The shamanic imagery obtained for these two solstice degrees differs in both cases in that one is very short (just one sentence) and the other is very long (several paragraphs). The short one is the winter solstice, the Jack of Clubs, equivalent to the point of conception or the egg into which the Sun has entered. The actual imagery describes “a golden mitre with an orb spinning in space”. It continues: “the background is pure white and nothing else exists.. .“, which does indeed describe the feeling of being inside a cosmic egg. There is nothing to do but just to Be. All time and space is in microcosm, “a sense of infinity and perpetual motion” pervades. The Sun’s passive midwinter goal has been reached. It is a time of peace and joy. A ‘halcyon’ period.


Although the moment of solstice is the absolute peak, the Sun resides in this degree (24th South) for a period of approximately 22 days from 11th December –2nd January annually, and, just as in the winter solstice, it is an unbroken run - the only degree symbols in the half-year that are not met twice on the journey. In the Winter Solstice, the run of days on either side were once called the Halcyon Days, after the belief that the beautiful Halcyon bird was nesting on the sea. The term was later adopted to mean any period of blessedness and joy, but its relevance to the Sun and the Egg and the Water fits in with our own imagery well. ‘Halcyon’ means “conceived at sea.


In a general sense all North Declination degrees, all Hearts and Diamonds, are ‘Eagle’ degrees. Each step in the Sun’s summer journey is taken with a more outgoing dynamic-with obvious effects on its immediate surroundings and the people encountered. Even though some of its images are quieter or describe brief periods of waiting, it is all part of the Sun’s active phase. By comparison the South Declination degrees, the Spades and Clubs, are the ‘Fish’ degrees. They describe incoming movements in the more passive journey of the winter sun that will experience its effects inwardly. Although some of these have active images they are still experienced as growth through allowing and accepting rather than forcing.

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Solstice degree

24 S                                      24th degree SOUTH


ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 11th - 22nd December & 22nd December - 2nd January.   22 days             continuous

Equivalent to 19º 04' Sagittarius - 29º 59' Sagittarius

& 0º 00' Capricorn - 10º 56' Capricorn





A golden sceptre with an orb spinning in space.

The background is pure white and nothing else exists;

A sense of infinity and perpetual motion.


KEYWORDS:   Eternity



Here we are touching Eternity. There is an eternal blueprint for the Universe. It may survive with or without us. Do you wish to be part of it?  If so it is time to connect. What happens is for a purpose. How will you react?  Have you done what you know to be right, whatever the consequences? 

Connect to the World Peace Crystal Grid see

This is a time to reach out to all beings. All are welcome. You are being given a sacred trust. Use it.

World Peace Crystal Grid

This is a picture of the World Peace Crystal Grid as it lies on the snow at the

magnetic North Pole. The inscription on the plaque says: "May the followers of all religions and spiritual paths work together to create peace among all people on earth."

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