By Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman

APRIL SYMBOLS AND INTERPRETATIONS - Sunday, March 19, 2006 at 07:12

5 N

Equivalent to 1006 Aries - 238 Aries
& 1722 Virgo - 1954 Virgo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 31st March 2nd April
& 10th 13th September

5th degree NORTH

At the centre of a rose lies a maze. She draws us in with her perfume. When you enter, this becomes a spiral going deeper and deeper within. A feathery softness strokes us as we move through. A silence covers us as we become one with the scent
We follow it through and find ourselves inside a mound, shaped like a pregnant belly.
We are to enter through the umbilicus. We know the way for we have been here many
times before. Here we find the place of Truth, Beauty and Unity, where we wait like a seed waiting to be reborn.

Fertility Truth Beauty Unity Source Opening Rebirth

You have entered the place between lifetimes. Are you ready to be reborn? Savour this moment of true serenity; what you absorb now will be carried with you into the next phase of your cycle. This is a place where only Now exists. The seed carries within it the knowledge of what you will become.
Each of us has our centre from where we came into this world. Trace the path the spirit took to join the physical. What is at the heart of the spirit. Now you are at the place of Centre. Where what has Been will also Be, and what will Be has also Been.

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6 N

Equivalent to 1239 Aries - 1513 Aries
& 1445 Virgo - 1721 Virgo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 2nd 5th April
& 7th 10th September

6th degree NORTH

A large crowd gathers around a hill. All is silent and the air is heavy with expectation.
Even the birds are silent
Then from the crown of hill there starts to rise a tower, getting higher and higher.
Nobody moves or speaks. The tower shines of silver: around the top hovers a mist of
swirling colours, becoming a heat mist fading into the sky.
A few of the crowd start to move towards the hill, through a concealed door. Others
just stand watching. I then realise that this tower is a rocket with people entering. They have been waiting for this. Others continue to wait, watching, not moving at all. The expectation builds up as more people enter, then the rocket smoothly glides upwards, shooting colours from all around, gleaming of silver as it flashes upwards.
The crowd shows no expression as they watch until no sign remains. It is still silent.

Concealment Anticipation Being prepared Hidden forces Signals

For how long have you been concealing your light? Those who carry the light are now being called upon. What signals are you being given? Look around you, the signs are telling you that it is time to prepare. To take the opportunity when it arises.
Are you ready for that moment. Your evolution is being accelerated. Prepare to feel the rush as you accelerate to a different frequency. There you will witness the sacred opening of the celestial portals. Many will prepare to move through at this time whilst others wait and watch. Do you have the courage to take the steps now being offered? It may be many lifetimes before this chance will come again.

7 N

Equivalent to 514 Aries - 1749 Aries
& 1211 Virgo - 1446 Virgo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 5th 8th April
& 5th - 7th September

7th degree NORTH

There is a mountain which spouts fire.
A volcano which is pouring molten liquid in silence
A group of people gather around, they are each alone in the crowd, watching, waiting.
As the fire touches them they become frozen, like dolls, their hands stretching out to
hold a flame.
Nothing is moving except the flow of the fiery liquid which pours over them
becoming solid. Their eyes are staring unmoving at the volcano. This is the moment.
Then arising from the centre of the volcano, there appears a feathered red tree,
reaching for the sky.

KEY WORDS: Stillness Radiance Transformation Adjustment Preparation Merging Purification

This is your connection point to the fiery Sun. Look at the moment. Will you flow with the fire or remain frozen. This is a time of purification and transformation. What will rise from the ashes? This is the fire that destroys to renew. Look at the stillness, what is it telling you? The Sun is spreading its solar wings. Bask in the radiance.
During this major shift every part of your being is undergoing transformation. You are engulfed by the power of the SunGod, you are a child of the Sun. This is a time for mystical reunion with the Source. Open your hands to burn the light in your palms, open your heart to the moment of Ascension. Radiate universal love in all your thoughts and actions. The limitless fire of Life is pouring over you, flow with its currents. This is true light. It is time to release past karma and to retrieve lost parts of the self.
Remember that at every moment you are at the Source of All that is.
At this time draw energy from the sunrise, storing it within you like a battery. Reach out towards this sunrise.

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Equivalent to 1750' Aries - 2027 Aries
& 933 Virgo - 1210 Virgo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 8th 10th April
& 2nd 5th September

8th degree NORTH

A man with a pointed beard and gauntleted hand holds a ball of light.
For a while he gazes at it, then he crushes it, breaking it into fragments which turn
into butterflies scattering away. Thousands of them swarm upwards filling the air
with light. Brighter and brighter until it is too brilliant to see.
In the greatest light we are as blind as if it is dark.
Then the butterflies turn into birds as they get higher. The birds fly upwards
towards the heavens where they become black and join together to create darkness.
On the ground there remains a fragment of light which had dropped when the ball was
It grows brighter and fills the Earth with radiance.
The expression on the man does not change.

Radiance Scattering Ascension Fulfillment Hope Light path Belief in oneself

You are asked to be a Torch-bearer of the greater vision, holding the Light so that others may see. All around us in nature are aspects of this light. We have only to look, the radiance is everywhere, Above and Below, in the life that abounds. Become the embodiment of this radiance. This is the light that gives birth to the planet and illuminates all that is Divine. The scattered light is the seed of the stars and galaxies from the beginning of the cosmos. It is still reflected within us. Within each one of us is this spark. It is that which gives us life. Fan this flame to let it grow until it fills your whole being. Then you will join with others as scattered particles of light, which together give brilliant radiance to the planet. Just as the the light of the stars comes from long distant past, the light that you are now giving out will be the light that shines on for Eternity .

9 N
Equivalent to 2028 Aries - 2308 Aries
& 652 Virgo - 932 Virgo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 10th 13th April
& 30th August 2nd September

9th degree NORTH

At this moment alone in a vast ocean, a blue whale moves
through the swell of the waves.
They rise and crash but his course is steady.
He is complete and at one with his element.
He knows his journey and will not be deterred.

KEYWORDS: Commitment Oneness Service Alignment with purpose and divine will Determination

Are you ready to follow your path? To swim in eternal light. Do not be afraid to leave the river that flows into the wider sea. There you will find your nourishment. There you will be nurtured by an intelligence far greater than mankind. Be focused on your purpose.
The realms are in the process of shifting and by moving, a new world awaits. Are you ready? By knowing your purpose you will be able to lead others through.
This is a lesson in living in harmony and balance with all the creatures of this earth. Here is the higher consciousness of the spiritual warrior, who knows his purpose and follows his true path. Whatever the situation you are facing, and no matter how it appear, be aligned with your purpose. You are being led by Divine Will.

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10 N

Equivalent to 2309 Aries - 2551 Aries
& 409 Virgo - 651 Virgo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 13th 16th April
& 27th 30th August

10th degree NORTH

There are many, many chalices waiting in a cave. Each may be drunk by
every one of us. There is no person here who cannot drink. But first they must find
their way to the cave. The way is hidden from human eyes. First we must pierce the
veils and listen to the call. It has always been there since the beginning of time but few have arrived.
When we take a sip we realise that this is but just a shadow.
The real world is ahead of us.
Dare we enter?


Choice Courage Opening New awareness Attunement Surrender

What is it that is hidden from you? It is that which you yourself been hiding from. This world is but a shadow of how life should be; yet in our fear we are unable to move forward. The protection you feel from living in the shadow is just an illusion. Take what is offered to you. Drink from the Cup of Life. Then your eyes will be opened and true awareness will flood into your being.
It is time to reveal the aspects of your Self that have been veiled. How much of our potential remains unused? Each of us is like the chalice waiting to be filled. Awaken yourself. Soon your raging thirst will be quenched as you allow new abundance to fill your consciousness.

11 N

Equivalent to 2552 Aries - 2838 Aries
& 122 Virgo - 408 Virgo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 16th 19th April
& 25th 27th August

11th degree NORTH

A head of a Native American Indian appears, in the form of a drawing. However it is
not drawn on anything only floating in the air.
It then becomes surrounded by a swirling vortex, spinning faster and faster. There is a
smell of dust in the air. The surroundings then become clear.
This is a barren desert
The image of the Native American Indian points to a dark hole. As we look into the
hole we see a nest of snakes wriggling. Snakes which are covered with a green and
yellow diamond pattern. A mist of heat rises from the hole. Everything else around is
barren, empty, bleak This is all that is left of life.

KEYWORDS: Void Transformation Spirit Truth
Cleansing Spiritual strength

This is the end and the beginning. The cycle of life and death that gives birth to itself. When all about is barren it is time to look beneath the surface. All around is movement. Energy is still flowing. Life is still there; a new birth is clearly waiting to happen.
As the old makes way for the new, a fresh awareness is slowly emerging. We are looking at eternal transformation and energy. From destruction comes healing and new life.
There are many realms, some of them bleak. There are some who choose this bleakness as their dwelling place, afraid to move forward preferring the comfort of what is known. It is time to make a choice of which dimension you wish to belong to.
Will you choose the path of Wisdom to lead you forward?

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Equivalent to 2839 Aries - 129 Taurus
& 2831 Leo - 121 Virgo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 19th - 21st April
& 22nd 24th August

12th degree NORTH

There is a blazing red sky like a fire raging.
A crystal pyramid appears, radiating light. Then, out of the pyramid comes a crystal
globe moving towards us, getting closer and closer, and larger and larger. Both are
radiating such strong light that it becomes unbearable.
As the globe gets closer, we see that inside there is a seed. As this seed gets closer, we
see that inside this seed there are millions more seeds which explode and are blown
like feathers across the Universe.


Seeding Energy Inspiration Expansion Creation Abundance Life force
Time to plant

Plant a new seed into your belief system. This seed contains the pattern of all you can be and all you will be. Release your dreamseed to grow towards the light. Your seed of potential is waiting to be awakened. Do not be like the unawakened seed; reveal all that you are. Look at yourself in relation to the seasons of your life. This is the wisdom of birth and death and the whole cycle of life. Remember your relationship to the cycles and patterns of life. You are connected to the whole. As you spread the seeds of your possibilities, more and more will be opened to you. Allow the winds of harmony to spread your hopes further and further.
Inside your dreamseed is your full potential. Awaken to this. What is it telling you?


Equivalent to 130 Taurus - 424 Taurus
& 2536 Leo - 2830 Leo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 21st - 24th April
& 18th - 22nd August

13th degree NORTH

There is a field, empty except for a lone plant bearing a small orange fruit. It has
waited hundreds of years to open and now is the time.
It opens slowly, spreading out like a hand.
Inside are hundreds of tiny feathery seeds which it offers to the Directions, scattering
them around the Universe.
We are helping to blow them and move them with each breath we take.
Below the earth are millions of seeds which become covered deeper and deeper with
each passing century, layers and layers of life covering them. They still contain their
Life-force and wait to spread their wings. But now they live in timeless space, living
while worlds around them decay. Whilst we are born and die, whilst we bury them
deeper, forgetting what is beneath the path we walk.
When all is ripped apart, they will be born again and it will be our turn to wait


Potential Energy Inspiration Expansion Creation Abundance Prana

Deep within lie the seeds of potential, waiting for the right time, place and conditions in order to develop. Within us are buried lifetimes of wisdom. Now is the time to nurture the seeds of that wisdom, to water it and let it grow.
Remember that you are the fertile ground which holds the dreams and hopes of the future where all is possible. By working with the illuminating Sun from Above and the nourishment of Mother Earth Below we can give life and growth as the seeds we scatter start to develop.
It is time to awaken to the potential in this seeding. What you plant will decide which seeds are spread and what will unfold. What we sow is that which shall be reaped. Prepare your body as you prepare the earth. Prepare to scatter these seeds. Then there will be the beautiful abundance that we have dreamed of. Look into the depths. Become the receptive earth in which the seeds of possibility may grow. This lies within you it is only waiting until you are receptive and it is ready to be cultivated. All it takes is your intention.

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14 N

Equivalent to 4 25' Taurus - 725' Taurus
& 2235' Leo - 25 35' Leo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 25th - 28th April
& 15th - 18th August

14th degree NORTH

A stained-glass window full of coloured diamonds with light beaming through.
This light forms a prism which falls on an open book of ancient writings.
Within this handwritten book are great secrets - the pages are open and the writings are in a strange script. We are honoured to see this.
Suddenly the room fills with a silent sound of great beauty - I suddenly realise that
the deaf can hear many things if they hear with their awareness.


Awareness Ancient Wisdom Revelation Consciousness Hidden Potential

You are being drawn into divine initiation. Do not try to understand with your mind you will be given the true meaning through your heart. It is the depth of your response to this script, that is true communication as the symbols on the page spark off long forgotten memories.
Soon we will know and understand the path of the sun and the voice of the wind. Yet no matter how hard we search this knowledge is not ours to take but can only be received when it is given freely. Only then can we understand the Book of Truth.

15 N

Equivalent to 7 26' Taurus - 10 33' Taurus
& 19 27' Leo - 22 34' Leo
ANNUAL SOLAR DAYS: 28th April - 1st May
& 12 - 15th August

15th degree NORTH

A path leading to a fork in two different directions, but a realisation that on the return journey both paths can bring us to the same road.
There are many different ways to make the journey.
Do not stand still too long.

Journey Quest Integration Destiny Call upon guidance Trust Belief Unity

Old reference points are changing; there is a shift in the way in which you relate to your world. It is a time for clearing past patterns. You are entering a time of profound transformation.
The pathways of the heart may lead in many seemingly opposing directions. Yet they all lead to the same goal, the discovery of the true self. No matter how many times you take the wrong path the events of your life will keep bringing you back to your true centre within. Have faith that you have not lost your way. Do not be afraid of taking the wrong step. All your past has brought you to this moment. There is no wrong way. The divine spark will bring you to where you are meant to be. Trust and you will find your way.

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